He Said She Said


Wassup crabzinabarrel.com world it’s your girl ReneeWoods and I went to the He Said She Said event last night and yall can tell everyone that ReneeWoods said the show was dope!!!!!!!!!!!Now I’m going to be real with yall and state I was almost going to leave when I arrived at Palace Five at 9:00 pm and there wasn’t anyone performing. But I stood outside, and waited, and waited, contemplated going to Busboys and Poets for a bit, then waited some more. Then finally I went inside and around 10:00 PM RAtheMC             (http://www.myspace.com/simplyra) started performing with  Mz Mimz    ( http://www.myspace.com/mzmimz) and honestly it was worth the da*n wait. Sidenote: Peep the video below of her perfoming. After RAtheMC’s performance was over it wasn’t too long before Phil Ade ( http://www.myspace.com/philade301) was on stage rocking the crowd with songs from his mixtape ” Starting on JV.” Once again it was worth the da*n wait and the best part about this EXCELLENT  show is it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Now I have been to shows that costed me my hard earned money  that I didn’t have that weren’t as good as this one.  Peep the pics and video footage that El Solo Dolo got for your viewing pleasure.


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RIP DJ AM- Gone at 36


By Urbansocialight

Adam Goldstein, or DJ AM as he was known to most wasf ound dead this afternoon in New York City.

Apparently he had not been heard of for a few days. A friend went to check on him and got no response when he knocked on his apartment door. The police were called and they broke down the door to find him dead.

You may remember that in September of last year he and Travis Baker survived a plane crash that killed 4 people in South Carolina.

This has not been the best year, we lost a lot of good ones man. RIP DJ AM.

Some info via TMZ

Get Your Life…On a Budget!

This is Me Phi Me

This is Me Phi Me

By Urbansocialight

I don’t have to tell you. You can that your dollar just doesn’t get you as much as it used to anymore. Well, CrabzInaBarrel is going to tell you exactly how to make the dollar stretch and still have a good time.

Cheap Movies: Skip the movies and check out an outdoor movie festival in your area. They’re usually fun and free. Bring a blanket and your own snacks, and you’ve got a cheap fun for everyone. If you’re in the DMV area Crystal City check out Crystal Screen every Monday at Sunset showing the classic action movies from now until October 20th. Click here for details.

Free Movies: If you must see the new movie, why not try a movie site like tvshack.net, where you can see new TV shows and movies for nada. With a great selection of movies and shows, it won’t be long before the Feds shut it down so enjoy it while you can.

Event: Want a night out on the town for FREE? Why not check out two of the hottest to rappers in the DMV right now. Phil Ade & RAtheMC “He Said, She Said” Live performance tonight, Aug. 28, 09 at Palace Five (2220 14th St. NW, Washington DC)

The Arts: Want to seem cultured to your new boo? Well, DC has a great selection of free museums to take advantage of. The Corcoran Gallery of Art is also ditching the admission fee for Saturday’s until Labor Day, so take advantage of it before it’s gone for more info click here.

Free drinks?? Wine is the old school get right. Many wine shops and small eateries have wine tastings once a week. The Tivoli in Ballston, VA near to my job has one every Friday. Plus you can get great bottle of wine for less than $10!

Cheap drinks?? Local bars, restaurants and pubs are always coming up with promotions to bring in customers, so don’t be afraid to take full advantage. Rock Bottom Grill, also in Ballston, has $2 pints of handcrafted, fresh brewed beer on Wednesday nights. It makes me sad I don’t drink beer every week. Since we don’t condone drinking and driving it’s worth noting that oth locations are Metro accessible, so you can drink then sober up on the Metro.

Adult Swim: On Sundays Capitol Skyline Hotel Pool offers (10 Eye Street, SW). That $10 get you a relaxing dip in the pool and burgers. Yummy. (via DCFab)

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