X.O. ~ Do It


By Urbansocialight

This is a new track from a CrabzInaBarrel.com fav, X.O. His new track is called “Do It” and X.O. is telling us why he does what he does so well. Earlier this week The Washington Post wrote about the now infamous 9:30 Club show, saying that X.O. (and Kingpen Slim) “showed great potential”. They’re just reinforcing what the rest of us already know! This track is the first leak off of X.O.’s upcoming project “One One Ten”. Enjoy, cuz he’s doing it for you!

X.O.- “Do It” Click here to listen


David Correy DREAMIN’ Video

So here is the video for David Correy’s “Dreamin'” which was directed by none other than 6ix Shooter of Cool Kids Forever Films.  I remember finding out about David Correy a couple of months ago and thinking, “Da*n! why didn’t I know about him before?” because I really liked his music when I went to his page and listened to his songs.  Please check out his myspace.  If you like what you hear you should check him out at Takoma Station Tavern tonight at 8:00 PM ( there is more information on his myspace page about the event).



bunb930club flyer

Hey wassup it’s your girl ReneeWoods and I thought I would show everyone the flyer I saw that made me want to go to the 9:30 Club on Saturday, September 26. 2009.  Now, let me state the only artists on this flyer that actually performed were XO (who gave a good show and brought the rest of Diamond District out to perform) and Kingpen Slim (who also gave a good show).  Now if that ain’t some bullsh*t then I don’t know what is!

Early on Saturday through Twitter I did learn that some of the artists listed on the flyer were not performing, so I went to the 9:30 Club website and saw that Bun B, Kingpen Slim, and Phil Ade (his record label’s website also said he’d be there) were on the show so I still wanted to go. But somehow of these three only Kingpen Slim performed.  Now let me state some of the artists that performed were good but that’s not what we paid for. So, clearly this was a false flyer with some false *ss advertising! The promotion for this event sucked *ss.  Crabzinabarrel.com does not blame any of the artists we are upset with how the event was promoted.

Now honestly the entire night I just knew Bun B was about to come out but instead it was another act that wasn’t on this flyer or the 9:30 Club website.  And why the f*ck was it called the DMV South takeover?? There was no Lil Jon, Trillville, Yung Dro, Plies, T-Pain, SLim Thug, etc. etc. etc. etc. and there d*mn sure wasn’t no Bun B!  Before I finish this post I have one more question… why was Tabi Bonney’s picture next to Phil Ade’s name on the 9:30 Club website???  They don’t even look alike!  The following is a picture of that nonsense from their website.


The crabzinabarrel.com family still got a few pics of some of the artists that were there and Nonchalant was in the building ( that was pretty cool 🙂 ) peep the pics below. And oh yeah we also got some video footage (with Urbansocialight commenting in the background) of some disgruntled customers at the end of the night so peep that as well.  Update: The Washington Post, said that 9:30 Club is working on giving us two free tickets and refunds!!

Nonchalant & King Drizzy
Frayz/Midi East
2/3 of the Diamond District (X.O & Oddisee)
Kingpen Slim
Live Masterpiece by Demont "Peekaso" Pinder

Update- By Urbansocialight (after the jump) Continue reading DMV SOUTH TAKEOVER SHOW AT THE 9:30 CLUB


l_fa96665ca0274bed80d72bf55dbcd29cSeven, a new artist, from Los Angeles, California gives us a brand new spin on Hip Hop. With musical influences like Common, Al Green, Blu & Exile, Artic Monkeys, Azymuth, and The Strokes you can’t go anywhere but up; Hip Hop in general is his main influence. When you listen to Seven’s music you can feel his love for it, you can tell he put his heart and soul into it. Seven has two mixtapes  that he recently released ‘Eargasm Mixtape’ and ‘Jay Dee Mixtape’ which are now available as of September 18th.  Also check out the song below; It’s hot!

Aliyah Sahar