Are those…Sergio’s?

CBC, Concerts, and Celebrations 038

You Belong in the Damn Barrel

By Urbansocialight

Have you ever seen a girl at the club that just looked excited to finally be out of the house? I think that was the case with this young lady. I saw her face, the girl was pretty, but this outfit is pretty much a mess. Let’s break this down:

• Pink Floral Corset- Why you would purchase a powder pink corset and actually wear it out of the house is beyond me. But I could live with it if it wasn’t for…

• Knee Length Sergio Valente Denim Skirt- I’m not that big of a fan denim skirts in 21 and older clubs, but I wouldn’t have paid it much attention except for it was a Sergio skirt! WTF? Did I fall asleep and wake up in 1999? No? Or maybe it’s 1979! They don’t even sell Sergio’s anymore, so we know you’ve been hanging on to that skirt for years. Just let it go girl, they’re not coming back!

• Leggings- You know I’m the #1 fan of leggings but WHY with this outfit? You have on a knee length skirt. Who are you, my grandma? It’s the club, get sexy on em!

• Awkward length square toe cloth boots- No comment…it wouldn’t be nice.

Since she bought a table, perhaps she could have budgeted for a new outfit (and a new weave but that’s a different post).  Seriously, where were her girls? And why would the let their girl step out looking like she stepped out of the last millennium? Every girl in the club was going on her. Look hun, I know it may have been a while since you went out but save yourself the worry and do some research on what’s actually in style before you waste your money on a babysitter and end up as the fashion victim of the week on CNB!

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