Stop singing in my d$@n ear

Wassup to all my crabs trying to get outta that barrel!!! It’s your girl ReneeWoods!  So I was standing in line today at a store and someone got behind me and started singing in my d$&n ear. Now she started off doing a hummm and I was like, “okay, maybe she’s in the choir or sumthin’ and she’s tryna get that note right.”  I mean that’s important because one of the worst sounds is someone singing off tune. Then she started humming a lil bit louder and I was like,  “awww naww, this chic is not about to start singing like she’s trying out for Making the Band.”  Sho’ Nuff this chic started singing like she was at the d&@n Apollo. At that moment all I was thinking is Stop singing in my d$&n ear. Chic you ain’t pre-crack Whitney Houston so stop singing in my d$@n ear. This ain’t no concert and I didn’t pay no money to see you so stop singing in my d$&n ear. You sound like a dying dog so stop singing in my d$&n ear.



Judah “The Art” | Amber Rose Instrumental

By Urbansocialight

We ♥ Judah.  Our very first interview was with the DMV’s own super producer Judah and it was awesome…Too bad, it never saw the light of day (technical difficulties).  Judah was also my partner in crime in SXSW 2009..good times.  

Judah’s making major moves this year, starting with the Amber Rose Instrumentals.  If you didn’t download it when we posted it the first time, download it now! 

Now he’s released a video featuring some of the beats from the tape.  Let me tell you early, this video is so GREAT!  It’s smart and well thought out and visually stimulating.  I love and you will too!  Enjoy!!

Bold & Beautiful

OPI- Dating A Royal

By Manda J

Spring has sprung and it’s all about pastel eye color and bold nail color. The Yin and Yang of make-up for this season. OPI has the best nail polish color there is and it doesn’t hurt that their names are clever.  They come with a  special brush that spreads an even coat on your nails. The color is bold and intense.  My favorites are listed.

OPI- My Private Jet & Done Out in Deco

When using colored nail polish, especially the darker colors (Russian Navy) it is important to use a base coat so your nails don’t turn a darker color. Although OPI nail polish is fantastic it still chips like other polishes, but it is still worth it. Visit OPI’s website for the closest OPI distributors. Continue reading Bold & Beautiful


ATL rapper Rasheeda has been making moves for years. She started as a teenager in a rap trio called the Da Kaperz before going solo in 2001 with the release of  “Do It” featuring Pastor Troy.  I remember seeing the video and thinking she looked like Aalyiah as a rapper.  She stayed on her grind doing a feature with Cherish called “A Chick Like Me” and got a regional hit with “Bubble Gum”.

Now Rasheeda is back with some fire for these new school rap chicks with the mixtape Boss Bitch Music.  Her newest singles are covers of the two major hits “Say Something” featuring Nivea (Who KILLS Drake with her hook!) and “O Let’s Do It” where she’s goes on the other chicks in the game right now.  “I’m that new IT girl, minus the fake butt” I just have a feeling she might be the next big thing.  Her swag is SO serious! I’m posting those videos plus the old school “Do It” joint. Follow Rasheeda on Twitter @rasheedagapeach.

Download Boss Bitch Music and Say Something featuring Nivea.

2010 Oscar Style

The 2010 Oscars came and went, but the fashion is still all the rage. I can’t rank my favorite dressed celebrity because my top selections found dresses that fit THEIR personal style. So, I’m going to tell you what I liked about each of them.

Sandra Bullock’s overall look was well put together. She looked old Hollywoodesque with a hint of drama hence the red lips. I love how the lace goes into the fabric. The color doesn’t wash out her skin tone.

Nicole Ritchie is know for being bohemian chic and her dress fell right in line with her style. Very rarely do we see someone successfully wear long sleeves on the red carpet but Ritchie has definitely changed that.

Continue reading 2010 Oscar Style

ReneeWoods Hump Day Rant

ReneeWoods Hump Day Rant

It’s your girl ReneeWoods and before I begin this rant about nothing I would like to say Happy Hump Day to all of my crabz trying to get up out that barrel and through the rest of this beautiful week.  Now that I got all that corny ish out of the way let me just say METRO can kiss my little skinny ass. Their escalators never ever work and for someone who never works out getting up those escalator stairs is quite the challenge. I almost had a heart attack when I climbed the escalator this morning. I was so tired midway through it I contemplated just standing there for an hour so I could get my second wind back.

And who the fukk is cleaning those seats????? Is anyone cleaning those seats at all?? Now I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but those seats look like they have marinated in the garbage. I know this is not Metro’s fault but I am sick of listening to bad azz crying about nothing azz snotty nosed azz kids on my way home from work. That ish is for the birds like for real people put a muzzle on your children because people don’t want to hear that when they are coming home from work and school. Alright yall that is all I had to rant about and I hope everyone has a beautiful rest of the week:)