Adidas 3 Tongues (Which Tongue Do You Use?)

Remember the JS Wings and JS Logo kicks from last season’s collaborative line between adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott? From those two pairs of very creatively flamboyant sneakers, we have learned that Jeremy Scott is not one to shy away from courageous display, and probably not someone to go to if you are looking for subtle and understated. True to form, for this upcoming season, the collaboration between adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott reveals another pair of eye-catching 3-Tongue Altitude sneakers.

The oversize tongue paired with oversize Adidas logo is gone, and size is replaced by quantity. The iconic Altitude model in show-stopping yellow and black has three tongues layered over the laces (though you can opt to play around and either lace some of the three in to mix it up). The 3 Tongue Altitude will be available this coming August, so for those who are looking to draw all attention to their feet, look out for these kicks.

What you gonna do with three tongues? No Homo

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