Joy Ride Art Exhibition – Tristan Eaton | THUNDERDOG STUDIO Bike

For many cyclists who ride in New York City, the city is like a war zone.  The constant battle for space on a street jam-packed with pedestrians, vehicles, and the occasional rival riders.  To highlight these daily skirmishes, artist/designer Tristan Eaton and his THUNDERDOG STUDIO might have created the perfect allegory.

On display as part of Bicycle Film FestivalJoy Ride Art Exhibition, Eaton’s fixed gear bike is literally a street fighter.  Constructed from welded steel, carbon fiber and multi-coat of acrylic urethane paint.  Eaton customized the handle bar into brass knuckles, in case the rider needs to “reach out and touch” those who cut him/her off.  Polished chrome, bolt-shape scythes on wheels to cut down unsuspecting pedestrians or fellow riders who are too close for comfort.  And hand-to-hand combat is needed, Eaton also included THUNDERDOG labeled sparring helmet, face mask, chest plate and for good measure, a miniature baseball bat. You could see this and more at the 4 venues of Joy Ride Art Exhibition, on display now through Sunday. In addition, the bike is available for sale.  Please contact the appropriate parties regarding price.

Collective Hardware
169 Bowery| Map
New York, NY 10002

Puffin Room
435 Broome Street | Map
New York, NY 10013

Sara D. Roosevelt Park
The Pit | Map
Chrystie Street & Broome Street

Event Space
186 Orchard Street | Map
New York, NY 10002

Exhibition Date: Now – June 21 (Sunday) | 1 pm – 9 pm

> Bicycle Film Festival
> Joy Ride Art Exhibition


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