Oh Amerie

Shes Inviting Me To go swimming under her sea of blankets
She's Inviting Me To go swimming under her sea of blankets

I feel like a boyfriend who has been anticipating his girlfriends return from a long hiatus overseas. And oddly with the release of “Because I Love It” not being sold in the U.S. thats exactly what it is. When I found out Amerie was back, the Princess of Summer, I wanted to scream “MY BABY’S BACK B!TCH!!!”. Of course at the CrabzInABarrel office they specifically don’t allow me to rant and rave and shout as much as I’d like to, so I sat there quietly content with a face similar to this  ^_^ . Before I go too far in the deep end and talk about all the sinful things I’d do to Amerie that would even make the Devil blush, you should just go ahead and Check out my future baby mama’s brand new video “Why RU”…oh Amerie its been a mighty long long time.

Sorry for the video quality, sum jackass on youtube recorded the video with a video camera…. smh at the youtube Law

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