ReneeWoods Quick VMA’s Recap

So I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep but decided to do a recap because I had all these  questions  running through my mind: Where the freak did Lil Mama come from??????????????? Is Jay-Z the President???Who is Lady WTF are you wearing’s stylist??? Did Beyonce really need to have 50 million people in bathing suits dancing behind her??? Is Kanye West on drugs???  Is it me or was every chic in that place wearing different variations of the same dress??? If some of those people didn’t feel comfortable enough to walk in the heels they were wearing why didn’t they just put their flats on??  That’s what we do when we are riding METRO. Half of the chicks that came out to accept their awards were walking like linebackers. Alright yall  I can’t think of anymore questions and I’m going  to go to sleep now.


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