In Your Closet: Kerry’s Style

Kerry1By Manda J

Acttress, humanitarian and political activist Kerry Washington epitomizes sophisticated style. She is eternally elegant and well dressed. Never half stepping when she steps out of the house or on the red carpet. Kerry isn’t afraid of color and while yellow doesn’t work for everyone it works well for her complexion and style.


Jewel tones also are rich on Kerry. Black people need not be afraid of color!!  We look great in jewel tones like sapphire and emerald green. (Oh BTW purple is HUGE for the fall!)  She knows that we can look spectacular in colors other than black, white and gray.




 The steps to achieving Kerry’s look are minimal and few. Kerry always has a fresh look. Never too much make-up. She either plays up her eyes or her lips never both. Remember less is more when it comes to fashion especially with make-up.



Even in simple skirt and jacket look Kerry looks relaxed, confident and in control. Kerry’s number one rule of fashion appears to be simple and chic and I am with her 100%. You can show stop with the basics. Look at Kerry she does it all the time!


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