HU’s 2009 Homecoming Parade




Happy Monday world!!!!!!! It’s your girl ReneeWoods and over the weekend we received a few pics  of some of the celebrities that were in HU’S (Howard University’s) 2009 Homecoming Parade courtesy of MWSr. Photography.  Enjoy the pics and have a great rest of the week :))))))))))).





One thought on “HU’s 2009 Homecoming Parade”

  1. We are the Michigan City Soul Steppers Drill Team out of Michigan City, Indiana (wearing purple fatigue pants), as an award winning traveling group we enjoyed being in HU’s Homecoming Parade. If you have any photos please post them. Thanks!
    We’ll be back again in 2010!
    Lyn Isbell Founder/Director
    Check us out on youtube.

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