Beanie Sigel Goes In on Jay-Z

Here’s an update to all of what started today with the beanie Sigel Diss Track. This is Jay-Z view on the whole situation:


El Solo Dolo

When I arrived at work this morning I heard a track from Beans entitled What You Talking About (I ain’t Your Average Cat), a diss track towards Jay-Z. The diss track has had the internet in an uproar since early this morning. I haven’t seen Beanie Sigel this aggressive since he dropped his first two albums. Is Jay-Z that bad of a person? Did Jay-Z sell his soul to the devil just to get what he wanted out of the music industry?  Those are some of the questions that some of his fans want to know. I love Jay-Z, but I have to question his character a little at times. Even though Jay-Z was bringing in the money, there were others like Beanie Sigel that brought that street credibility to Rocafella. Even though Jay-Z is in another corner he should have been able to help the ones that made Rocafella a dynasty.

Whatever the case may be you listen and be the judge.  Be sure to tell us what you think!

What You Talking Bout (I Ain’t Ya Average Cat (Jay-Z Diss)):

Beanie Sigel Calls Charlamagne Tha God:

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