Kid Cudi Is One Funny Guy.


Donnie Simpson at Ben’s Chili Bowl after his last show on WPGC

Happy weekend world!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s your girl ReneeWoods and I know most of yall have heard the “Donnie Simpson Show Donnie Simpson Show” will no longer be airing on WPGC. I don’t know if yall listened to the last show but I did and it was pretty good. I was in the store listening to it like daaaammmnnnnnnnn dammmmnnnn dammmmnnnnn. I am not even going to lie I almost shed a tear and I just wanna thank Donnie Simpson for being my morning wake up ever since I was a kid and I am happy that he did his show in the DMV and kept it local. Donnie Simpson is like the MJ of radio and there will never be another one like him and I will truly miss hearing him on WPGC in the mornings. Now unfortuantely your girl ReneeWoods was not able to get over to Ben’s Chili Bowl for some of that oh so good chili and meet and greet with the MJ of radio Donnie Simpson.  The good news is was able to get two photos at Ben’s Chili Bowl yesterday of the crowd and Donnie Simpson courtesy of MWSr. Photography so peep the pics and enjoi!!!!!!!!

Love Sequence (Mixtape) by Lauren Schreiber

I’m glad to see a talented young female finally releasing some fresh new music for her fans. I’ve been personally waiting for her to release a project since, I heard her for the first time four months ago. Her music is something fresh compared to what you hear coming from the DMV everyday. I enjoyed the whole mixtape and you will too. Keep the good music coming Lauren Schreiber.

Love Sequence –