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Good Music Folks…….Enjoy Folks!!!!!!!

I’ve been following Columbus and the whole Ohio movement since my cousin introduced to me to the whole movement.  I wanna introduce you all to the movement as well. Click the links below the mixtape cover  for some good music coming from the mid-west. Enjoy!

PS – I gotta show some love to Nemo Achida, who reps Kentucky.

Nemo Achida – Digital Dan (Mixtape)

Fly.Union – The Greater Than Club (Mixtape) 

P. Blackk – Friday, A Prelude (Mixtape)

Sam Adams – Party Records

I’m feeling this one right here. Never heard of dude till yesterday but this made me a fan. I aint even gonna lie though, this is very light as the title indicates, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.  Just don’t expect to hear profound lyrical gymnastics and social commentary on this one. The only thing I really don’t like about this are the DJ TAGS!!!! Will someone please tell these DJs that no one wants to hear them on the record!  But once you get over that this is a very solid fun project.

Sam Adams – Party Records: A Mixtape