DMV Femcee Morgan

“A sheet of paper can never stay blank in my possession,” hip hop artist Morgan answers whenever asked about her beginnings in music.

By far one of the most humble people you will ever meet, Morgan is a 24 year old female hip hop artist from Washington, DC.  A self-proclaimed “lyrical poet,” Morgan looks towards the infamous greats for inspiration, but does not rely on their sound to create her own.  “I have artists that I look up to because I would like to be better than them one day. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you idolize someone, and they shouldn’t be offended, they should be flattered. I know I’ll be flattered in due time.”

Smashing hits and taking names, Morgan is back and gearing up for the release of her third mixtape, ‘Train of Thought.’  To be released in early 2010, ‘Train of Thought’ will be much unlike her previous tapes.  Described by Morgan as an eclectic mixture of classic hip-hop, modern rock and good ole’ regular, deep down soul, ‘Train of Thought’ will appeal to all music lovers alike.  And with the added bonus of Morgan injecting her personal thoughts, opinions and ideas into the mix, not only will the music make you rock, but the stories will jog your mental and speak to your soul.

With a pen and pad in one hand, and a microphone in the other, Morgan has undoubtedly prepared herself for the next step in her journey.  Cradling a keen sense of self, an unnaturally gritty approach and bare-bones delivery, Morgan is most certainly NOT your average chick…no matter how unhumble that sounds.

Check out her music on her myspace page at and don’t forget to add her on twitter at

Thanks for sending over the BIO and the music Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “DMV Femcee Morgan”

  1. Morgan’s music definately creates a unique style unlike any other. Her lyrics are different but something we can all relate to. The music is very desireable and leaves you wanting more. We need more Hip-hop artists like her.

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