The Black Box Event

Happy Monday world!!! It’s your girl ReneeWoods (@reneewoods) and after four minutes of watching the promo video for the Black Box Event sent to by Barbara Choice (@barbarachoice27)  with Devin White fighting  and running  I decided to take my azz to the Black Box Event on August 1, 2010. It was at the Velvet Lounge on U Street and I was accompanied by urbansocialight (@urbansocialight) and the realness (@therea1ness). The event was eight dollars and honestly the price initially made me want to stay my azz in the house because honestly I am a member of Broke phi Broke. But let me tell you that a Devin White show is worth more than eight dollars and when I say he puts on a show I mean he puts on a show. I really felt like I got my eight dollars worth and more after seeing the Devin White production. That’s right I called it a production because it wasn’t just a show. Devin White had outfit changes, dancers, lights and he just put on like he was performing for a thousand people. Please check out video of Devin White’s (@DevinLWhite) performance above!!!!

Now let me just say that Kelow’s (@SuperKelow) performance was the sh*t. “They tried to clip my wings but I’m just too da*n  fly that’s why I got the feather b*tch”- Kelow.  She is a star for real. Please peep the video of her performance below!!! Have a great week everyone and until next time remember to keep those claws from them hating azz crabs away from ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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