Jaxx on October 10, 2010

Wassup! It’s your girl ReneeWoods! The  crabzinabarrel.com family went to the anticipated Mac Miller and Henny concert which featured Uptown XO on October 10, 2010 at Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield, Virginia.  Let me just say, a lot of artists aren’t good live, but Uptown XO, Henny, and Mac Miller were all excellent. Crabzinabarrel.com arrived at Jaxx a little after 9 and Uptown XO was performing and he had the crowd waving their hands from side to side. Peep video of his performance below!

Then Henny who reps Springfield, Virginia came out and performed. He had a lot of energy and gave his all to the crowd. Peep video of his performance below!!

Then the one and motherfucking only Mac Miller came out and let me just say that El Solo Dolo was all over the place singing every word to every song. I just want to say if Mac Miller isn’t the next big thing then I don’t know who the fu*k is because he is incredible live. Peep video of his performance below!!!!!It was a packed house and the event went as scheduled so I would like to shoutout the promoters of the event because the flyer didn’t lie and the show was over at 11:00 pm. The crabzinabarrel.com family would also like to thank MrDdotc for inviting us on twitter and sending us the email for the event because  we really enjoyed the  performances.  Also, we would like to thank Chris for letting us get interviews with Henny and Uptown XO. With out you two us going to the event wouldn’t have been possible. Enjoy the rest of your week crabzinabarrel.com world and remember to keep them claws from them hating azz crabz away from ya!!!!!

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