Dislike Button


By Urbansocialight

Today, for the umpteenth time since Facebook added the like button, I thought to myself, “Why don’t they have a dislike button!?!”  No, I don’t like your 50th status update with your favorite Gucci Mane song/lyrics.  No, I’m not into the fact that you and your baby daddy are engaging in a public argument on your status about how he ain’t ish and ain’t never gonna be ish.  And BOO to the fact that just because facebook allows you to write paragraph long status updates and you actually do it!  Because you aren’t talking about ish!  And stop it with the Drake quotes already!  So Far Gone came out in February of 2009!  You’re LATE! I honestly think you’re a loser.  What they need to add is a loser button so I can tell you about yourself. Stop it with mobile upload #935 you at the gas station, you on the phone, you being you… B!tch I know what you look like! Furthermore, if you update your Facebook status more than 3 times a day you need a Twitter!  Gosh!  Get off my newsfeed! That is all.

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