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Remix album for MJ


I went over to one of my favorite blogs and they had this dope remix with Michael Jackson. I wanted to share this remix with you all that The Neptunes did for Never Can Say Goodbye. The remix is from an album that Universal Motown doing for the King of Pop. Look out for the release and its going to be something out of this world. R.I.P. MJ.

Never Can Say Goodbye – 637826156d556664

Never Can Say Goodbye- Memories of “The King”

RIP Mike

by Urbansocialight

When my mother was a little girl she was in love with Michael Jackson, she said she loved him so much that it hurt.  She’s always talked about how Michael Jackson was her “boyfriend”,  Jermaine was my Auntie Phyllis boyfriend and their play sister Toni got stuck with Marlon.  My mother is recounting to me her memories now “I’ve always had dreams, even as an adult, about being with Michael and going to his house.  Ummmm…. I loved him so much I would cry.  Only my friends could tell you how I felt about Michael.”

More than 20 years later, when I was a child, I too fell in love with Michael Jackson.  I loved all his songs and had all videos on VHS.  When his videos would come on I would run to my room and get my shiny glove and try to imitate his dance moves.  Do you guys remember how much of an event his video premieres were? What other artist has had prime time TV stop it’s programming to premiere their videos?  Not MTV, not BET, not VH1, I’m talking NBC, ABC, and CBS stopping their shows, to play a music video.  Never before and never again will there be another Continue reading Never Can Say Goodbye- Memories of “The King”