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Redskins Release Kicker/Put Portis On IR

After Sunday’s debacle I think we all knew Shaun Suisham’s time as Redskin was coming to an end.  Today the skins made it official releasing Suisham and signing Grahm Gano off the street.  Well not technically off the street (although someone off the street could have probably made that 23 yard field goal on Sunday) he was the kicker for the UFL’s inaugural championship team.  Seeing as I just learned that there was a league called the UFL today I wouldn’t be able to tell you the name of the team.  But I do know this.  He kicked the game winning kick in the championship game so if anything, we know he is  reliable in a pressure situation.  Check him out winning his team a trophy!

In other Skins news Clinton Portis has been placed on Injured Reserve.  For those of you who don’t know, that means his season is over.  My question is will this be it for CP as a Redskin?  I don’t see them bringing him back next year.   He has clearly lost a step and the offense has proven to be more efficient with him out.  I sure hope this does not end up being CP’s last play as a Redskin.

Redskins vs Broncos Highlights

Surprise surprise I can actually give y’all Redskins high lights worth watching!

Big win for the Skins on Sunday.  No we aint going to the Super Bowl but it feels good to talk about the Skins after a win instead of another loss.  O-line looked professional for the first time all season and we actually made some big plays.   They were able to come back after getting down early.  We actually looked like a real team.  Great win to give us some confidence going into Dallas Week.  I’m thinking upset!

Daniel Snyder Apologizes To Fans: “We’re Disappointed And We’re Embarrassed”

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So today Daniel Snyder decided to apologize to the fans.  His regime as owner of the Redskins has been a complete failure.  Our once proud franchise is becoming a running joke around the league.  Six coaches in the last 10 years.   Only two playoff appearances since he has been owner for a team that was once a perennial power.  And last week when fans wanted to voice their opinions about how bad things have gotten on Monday Night Football, he sent his goons to confiscate signs and the bags that embarrassed fans wore over their heads.  You owe us more than an apology Mr. Snyder.  We want our damn team back!