Preview To “Wristbands & Alcohol” by David Dann

Short Bio:

Made in New York and established in Los Angeles, 21-year-old music sensation David Dann has gained a defined recognition as a leading class DJ, producer and performer. He has had the ability to spread his inspirational wings across 4 continents and 15 countries, mostly occurring only in the last year. Despite Dann’s rigorous schedule with meetings, touring and gigs, the ambitious musician maintains his well-earned position as a student at the esteemed University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Good Music Folks…….Enjoy Folks!!!!!!!

I’ve been following Columbus and the whole Ohio movement since my cousin introduced to me to the whole movement.  I wanna introduce you all to the movement as well. Click the links below the mixtape cover  for some good music coming from the mid-west. Enjoy!

PS – I gotta show some love to Nemo Achida, who reps Kentucky.

Nemo Achida – Digital Dan (Mixtape)

Fly.Union – The Greater Than Club (Mixtape) 

P. Blackk – Friday, A Prelude (Mixtape)