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Will this track be the Death of Autotune?

Song Review by ReneeWoods, Sparkey, & UrbanSocialight
D.O.A. Gets 4 Crabz
Jay-Z's D.O.A. Gets 4 Crabz
” You rappers singing too much get back to rap you T-paining too much.” Jay-Z is funny for real.  For the record, I’m not particularly a Jay-Z fan but this song ” Death of Autotune” might make me one. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of the T-Jeremih-Wayne-Pains all day everyday on the radio. I don’t know who the fuck is who anymore. A song comes on and honestly it could be my next door neighbor. I mean I know at least half the people on my block got a studio in their basement so at this point anyone can be a rapper or singer. Anyway here is the link to Jay-Z’s  single” Death of Autotune” : Download the track here.