If only what this shirt said were true for me, but, unfortunately, a dog’s dreams are brighter than my reality (lol,gnr, lls, lmfao whatever people are texting or twittering or facebooking these days).  But I am still grateful to wake up in the morning.  I decided to check out HSK’s clothing website while I was bored at work one evening and I was shocked at the price of the clothes. It was actually affordable!  Imagine that!!!!!!!!! There is nothing on their website over 25 dollars or should I say the SUPER LOW LOW price of 24.99 because we all know that one little penny makes a big difference. Now for a broke aspiring everything like myself I was just happy to find a recession aka “Second Great Depression”-friendly online clothing store. If you are on a budget and like nice T-shirts then be sure to check out HSK Clothing at http://www.hskclothing.com. Oh, and yes this shirt is on their website for the SUPER LOW LOW price of 24.99!


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