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NY Fashion Week: Port 1961

If you aren’t familiar with Port 1961 then you need to be. Port 1961 is a line that is synonymous with sophistication. It has always been a line consisting of classic structured pieces and their Spring 2011 RTW continues with that tradition. Full of draped, silky tops as well as structured bottoms this line is full of trendy sophistication.

A peak after the jump.

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NY Fashion Week: Christian Siriano

Yes, my fashion heads, NY Fashion Week is FINALLY here. It’s one of the many reasons why I live for September. Ok, so I watch Project Runway religiously and my favorite designer by far is also the youngest one to win and is also from Annapolis, MD. Christian Siriano took PR and now the fashion world by storm. His Spring 2011 RTW (Ready To Wear) line can best be summarized in the statement “opposites attract”. There is something for the conservative and something for the extremist. Take a look after the jump.

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N Ur Closet- Sails Away

Nautical Stripes

The nautical trend is back for another summer (YEAH).  Fortunately you don’t have to be near water for this look to be effective.   This  look it pretty simple and basic and anyone can wear it.  This look revolves around stripes, and crisp light colors with navy and yellow twisted into the mix. Horizontal stripes isn’t flattering for everyone.

For those who find it hard to wear horizontal stripes you can but you need to make sure they are chevron  print. The apex of the chevron should fall at the waist creating a cinching affect, thus making the waist appear smaller.

In addition to the chevron print light weight cardigans with horizontal stripes can be worn. Worn open the stripes don’t make the body appear wider. White dresses or pants give off the chill “I m ready for the yacht” look.

Spice up the white with a touch of  yellow or navy blue. Boat shoes  are an alternative and an easier way to ease yourself into the trend if you aren’t comfortable with stripes.  Jewelry is always a simpler alternative anchors can be found in necklaces, earrings even belts This is one trend you will see everywhere this summer. So get on board! Bon Voyage!

Tell Me About it, Stud!

By: Manda J

Studs are all over fashion this season. Studs can be seen on everything from shoes and bags to jewelry.  This hardcore rock star look can be feminine and fashion forward too.  With any fashion trend it’s important not to OD (overdose) and wear too much.

A studded purse can transform a simple all black outfit into a chic all black outfit. Don’t fret about purchasing a studded purse that you will only wear for a season because a studded purse can become a statement piece.

Can’t for see  yourself wearing a studded clutch or purse then keep it simple and safe with a studded headband.

2010 Oscar Style

The 2010 Oscars came and went, but the fashion is still all the rage. I can’t rank my favorite dressed celebrity because my top selections found dresses that fit THEIR personal style. So, I’m going to tell you what I liked about each of them.

Sandra Bullock’s overall look was well put together. She looked old Hollywoodesque with a hint of drama hence the red lips. I love how the lace goes into the fabric. The color doesn’t wash out her skin tone.

Nicole Ritchie is know for being bohemian chic and her dress fell right in line with her style. Very rarely do we see someone successfully wear long sleeves on the red carpet but Ritchie has definitely changed that.

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Balmain + Borcade = Beyonce?

Balmain RTW Fashion Show 2010

By Manda J

While NY fashion week took place in February, it’s still fashion week somewhere in the world! Right now it’s the City of Lights (Paris for those who don’t know) fashion week. European style is very different from American style. Europeans tend to be more trendy and sophisticated. On the other hand American style tend to be very practical and girl next door.

Balmain, designed by Christophe Decarnin, recently showed it’s Fall RTW 2010 line. The items in the line have Beyonce’s and Rhianna’s name written all over it. There’s a different spin on the military jacket. Brocade jackets long and short are a trend in this line. Here are some of the pieces I loved. Just thought I’d share.

Monica in McQueen

By Manda J

Monica’s newest video “Everything to Me” has clothes that look like they came straight off the runway…in fact they did. In the video Monica is wearing a houndstooth shirt from the late Alexander McQueen’s RTW fall 2009 line. In that line the shirt Monica is wearing was actually a dress, tailored into a shirt and the chicness is still the same. The shoulder flower may seem like a bit much, but with her slick hair and minimal accessories the flower becomes the accessory. The different size pattern also makes a difference. The pattern is widest around her arms and smaller around her face. That helps the print to not seem overwhelming.

The red dress is also by McQueen. The dress is pretty basic, but the shoulder detail and back bustle steps it up. In this video Monica went for classy and sophistication and I think she achieved it. *RIP Alexander McQueen*

Enjoy the video!

Gaga Over Gaga

By Manda J

Lady Gaga or Gaga as she likes to be called (as told to Oprah) is known for her out of the box costumes and videos. In an industry full of replicas Gaga is the breath of fresh air that we all need. She brings originality to the table and does things that make you scratch your head and wonder “Is she out of her mind?” There is a method to her madness and we just can’t comprehend it, we barely appreciate it. A recent interview she did with Oprah shed some light on her costume choices.

She had this to say about the red outfit she wore to the VMA’s: “That’s Alexander McQueen, and I added the hat to it. It’s the oldest archive in the McQueen Collection. It was meant to be a continuation of the VMA performance. So after … the princess had been murdered by the paparazzi, the red lace was meant to symbolize sort of my eternal martyrdom.

Like Gaga I don’t like to wear fur. She chooses to express herself by wearing a Kermit the Frog outfit. She said that fur look like a bunch of dead Muppets. While I won’t go that far I do agree.When meeting the queen most people would go with a conservative traditional skirt or dress. Well, Gaga isn’t most people. She decided to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II by wearing a dress inspired by Queen Elizabeth I and the Elizabethean era.

I’ve noticed a strong comparasion between Alexander McQueens style and Gaga’s. In October 2009 McQueen Paris Fashion week Spring/Summer 2010 finale song was non other then Gaga’s Bad Romance. Later when Gaga went to film the actual video she chose to use some of McQueens Spring/Summer 2010 items. The armadillo heels, the beaded turtle neck and the dragon heels are among some of the outfits she choose. To be honest if she didn’t use them we wouldn’t seen them anywehere else but the runway. I love Gaga. Her music and style are so different. I look forward to everything she has in store for us fashion and music wise.

NY Fashion Week: Milly

By Manda J

Michelle Smith designer and owner of Milly by Michelle Smith’s fall RTW 2010 line continues  to uphold her preppy Blair Waldorfesq (for my Gossip Girl fans) image. Her line is a cross between Chanel and Betsy Johnson. It’s has the sophistication of Chanel with the playfulness of Betsy Johnson. Her fall runway show was one of few that actually had models in tights. If it’s the fall I think tights should be a staple. The tights ranged from plain opaque white to green even to hot pink all the while enhancing the outfit without causing a distraction.

 There are plenty of pieces to choose from that can also be worn solo, if your not big on prints. The silhouette of the dresses are sophisticated and at the same time playful. Metallic’s were all over fashion week this year, but I love how the metallic’s are set against basic colors as well as bright colors. As a former employee of Hermes and Christian Dior I can tell that some of their classic aesthetics play apart in her design. That’s what fashion is all about. Taking an idea and adding your personal touch to it. Milly definitely accomplishes that.

Fall in Love with Marc

By Manda J

How can you not love Marc Jacobs?   Not only does he design his own lines, he is also the creative director for Louis Vuitton. Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 RTW line is a mix of subtly with splashes of bright patterns, well, they’re bright for fall.

Naturally, in the fall you have to wear a coat. Why not make it stylish? Light weight trenches are the “it” thing for the spring and you can pick them right back up in the fall. Marc by Marc Jacobs line has coats ranging from belted trenches to nice draped coats that’s swallows you but still gives you a shape. Harem pants are being taken down a notch. In Marc Jacobs rendition of the harem pant he made it more structured. Not the usual cotton jersey/spandex fabric we are used too.

The dresses are so sophisticatedly basic they can transcend seasons without seeming out of style. The ever popular zipper detail is present and accounted for ( check out my previous post on zippers) as well as belts. In all of his looks the waist is cinched. Please remember an undefined waist is a fashion faux pas.