Fly Gypsy’s Vodka and Rum Mixtape

Fly Gypsy

Wassup world!!!!!!!!Happy Friday Eve to all my crabz tryna get outta the barrel!!!!!! It’s your girl ReneeWoods and I was sent Fly Gypsy’s Vodka and Rum mixtape via email. Now first let me say as soon as I saw the title of the mixtape I was interested because I don’t know about some of yall but sometimes a couple of drinks at happy hour get me through my rough weeks. I don’t know about mixing vodka with rum though and if you are an inexperienced drinker please refrain from doing so lol. But Anyways I really enjoyed the mixtape and I wanted to share it with the family so please check out Fly Gypsy’s mixtape. And don’t forget to check out their myspace page. I also found a youtube video of their video shoot for their song “You” so please watch and enjoy!!!!!!!

Download Vodka and Rum mixtape here:

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