In Your Closet- Military Jackets

Military Jackets

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By Manda J, The Style Guru

Numerous artist and designers have taken a military staple and turned it into a wardrobe staple. The King of Pop has worn numerous military inspired jackets made from such materials as leather and sequins. Rihanna and Beyoncé choose to rock military inspired jackets by Balmain. 

Alloy Jacket
Alloy Military Jacket $50

Beyoncé’s silver and black jacket puts a new spin on the evening jacket for the younger generation but would cost you almost $12,000. Not very recession friendly. Rihanna (who can do no wrong in my eyes) is doing her part to bring denim jackets back to the forefront in fashion. Even the men are getting in on this trend. Kanye is wearing a vintage military jacket. For those who can’t foresee themselves dishing out mad money for a Balmain jacket check out Target or this jacket from Alloy that will only run you $50.

2 thoughts on “In Your Closet- Military Jackets”

  1. Well Jaevol it can be yours just hit up places like Up Against the wall and Hot Topic for guy inspired military jackets!

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