RIP DJ AM- Gone at 36


By Urbansocialight

Adam Goldstein, or DJ AM as he was known to most wasf ound dead this afternoon in New York City.

Apparently he had not been heard of for a few days. A friend went to check on him and got no response when he knocked on his apartment door. The police were called and they broke down the door to find him dead.

You may remember that in September of last year he and Travis Baker survived a plane crash that killed 4 people in South Carolina.

This has not been the best year, we lost a lot of good ones man. RIP DJ AM.

Some info via TMZ

One thought on “RIP DJ AM- Gone at 36”

  1. Tiffany, I am blown away for more reasons then you can unenrstadd. My goddaughter who is 23 has what if it isn’t Rett Syndrome has many or most of it’s components including apraxia , profound learning diabilities, and fine motor weakness to name a few. I am a pediatric RN of 25 years and personally have suffered with EBV. Hearing what a loving mother you are is an inspiration to all of us. I guess I just wanted to plant a seed for you. Going forward if your daughter with EBV complains of pain that doesn’t make sense listen to her it is probably real. Unfortunately tests won’t always show anything and doctors need tests to show something to do something. It is frustrating, exhausting, and REAL. I was very lucky that my mom believed me when I complained. I can’t say the same for the doctors. I know that you don’t know me but if I can ever help feel free to contact me. I am a wealth of info. BTW Congrats on the bath.

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