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In Loving Memory of Ill Will

Yesterday we lost a DMV Legend: William “Ill Will” Walker. Many people in the Washington, DC metro area may know Ill Will as a DJ at WKYS 93.9 and from hosting many area parties and shows.

Have you ever met a person who just had a fantastic spirit and a wonderful outlook on life?  That was Will.  I don’t think there is a person I’ve ever met who has any bad to say about him. He was seriously one of the realest men I’ve ever met.  He was so sweet, genuine and thoughtful to everyone. He supported EVERYONE  and made it clearthat he wanted everyone in the DMV to be successful.  I never once heard a word of negativity come from his mouth, I just because he always knew how precious life was. I always knew he had health problems but last week he suffered from 2 heart attacks and yesterday he succumed to his illnesses.

Ill Will
Our Last Picture of Ill Will--From the Cool Kids Forever Party

It’s so sad to know he’s gone.  On behalf of the entire family here at our deepest condolences go out to is family and friends.  We can’t imagine what they are going through right now.  We love you and miss you so much already.  Ill Will was a DMV legend, stand up guy and second to none.  R.I.P.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

By Manda J

Alexander Lee McQueen (1969-2010) is one of the most brilliantly misunderstood fashion minds of our time. Celebrities the like of Rihanna,  Lady Gaga, Bjork and Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) are among the few that “get him”.

Early on McQueen new he had a talent and passion for fashion. He left school to become an apprentice on Savile Row in London. Savile Row is known for their men’s bespoke tailoring. His clients where among the elite like a certain Prince Of Wales (Prince Charles).  At age 20 McQueen began working for Japanese designer Koji Tatsuno. Upon returning to London McQueen enrolled in a prestigious fashion school where he received his Masters in fashion design.One of McQueen’s greatest accomplishments in my eyes would be when he was given the position of head designer of Givenchy in 1996.  In 2009 McQueen inked a deal with Target; his line at Target was called McQ.

It may look like he had it all but just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’re happy. Three years ago McQueen dealt with the death of a close friend, Isabella Blow, who is also credited with discovering him. Earlier in the month he lost his dear mother.

Alexander Lee McQueen will greatly be missed, but he left us with inventive fashion and originality.

This look on the left is from his RTW (Ready to Wear) 2010 line. This looks very punk Alice in wonderland. The picture on the right is the line that got me hooked on McQueen his RTW 2009. This line was basically all houndstooth. I love love love houndstooth.

RIP DJ AM- Gone at 36


By Urbansocialight

Adam Goldstein, or DJ AM as he was known to most wasf ound dead this afternoon in New York City.

Apparently he had not been heard of for a few days. A friend went to check on him and got no response when he knocked on his apartment door. The police were called and they broke down the door to find him dead.

You may remember that in September of last year he and Travis Baker survived a plane crash that killed 4 people in South Carolina.

This has not been the best year, we lost a lot of good ones man. RIP DJ AM.

Some info via TMZ