Jay-Z BP3- What Do You Think?


By Urbansocialight

I’m going to be honest. We here at crabzinabarrel.com can’t get our sh*t together on this one. I’ve got my opinion, El Solo Dolo has his, and ReneeWoods has a whole different opinion all together. Today we’re going to do something a little different. We’re not going to comment on Jay-Z’s BP3. I’m going to let the listeners express their own views. So go ahead, tell us what you think about the songs you’ve heard thus far.

Here’s the link to the download if you haven’t heard it, hurry up before they shut it down. Download BP3 here.

BP3 track list below:

1. “What We Talkin’ About” (featuring Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun)

2. “Thank You”

3. “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”

4. “Run This Town” (featuring Kanye West and Rihanna)

5. “Empire State of Mind” (featuring Alicia Keys)

6. “Real As it Gets” (featuring Young Jeezy)

7. “On to the Next One” (featuring Swizz Beatz)

8. “Off That” (featuring Drake)

9. “A Star is Born” (featuring J. Cole)

10. “Venus vs. Mars”

11. “Already Home” (featuring Kid Cudi)

12. “Hate” (featuring Kanye West)

13. “Reminder”

14. “So Ambitious” (featuring Pharrell)

15. “Young Forever” (featuring Mr Hudson)

5 thoughts on “Jay-Z BP3- What Do You Think?”

  1. the singles I’ve heard on the radio and the net so far are aight, they aint bad, they aint great and they damn sure aint worth the hype

  2. I heard the whole CD from front to back to back to front and I’m liking the whole thing. I like what Hov did. I think the BP3 is better then Kingdom Come and the BP2. I’m sorry I think females, the youngins, and record labels messed the game up. Nowadays people want to hear singles instead of hearing albums. I Hate when people never sit down to hear an album and then they want to base their opinions off of what people R saying on the the internet. Personally I think Hov did his thing he can’t keep on making the same stuff. This is El Solo Dolo signing off. The jigga man deserves more respect than what he’s getting off of the BP3. We all have are opinion and I have mine.

  3. I agree with the person who wrote the 2nd comment…this is by far the best album this and better than the rest of his albums to me even though all 10 albums are insane….what I can’t stand is that niggas don’t know what Hip-hop is for cause they stuck on ppl like gucci or souljah boy or wayne or you’ll say some shit like the person who made the first comment…..lets be real KRS 1 is the best rapper alive but far as Hov he’s the best rapper in the game now with 10 I say 10 number 1 albums soon to be 11 no singles I mena for real lets be real but lyrically he ain’t fuckin with Nas…..but BP3 is that shit!!!

  4. I have a question. On the intro track at 2:28 a muffled voice speaks. What the hell is it saying? Sounds crazy but I want your feedback.

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