Whitney Rebounds, Well Sorta


By Urbansocialight

Ok, you have to admit that although Whitney Houston was a superstar diva, she fell pretty hard and was almost down for the count but she’s back! The haters said she couldn’t do it (sounds like crabz in a barrel behavior to me), but Whitney proved them wrong packing Central Park yesterday with some 5,000 for a Good Morning America performance (which airs this morning on ABC), and looked FAB! That was the good news. The well, not so good news, is that Whitney couldn’t sing. Her voice was nearly completely gone. She told the crowd that it was because she’d just done Oprah and was talking too much, but it may have something to do with the years of vocal neglect.

Her new single and album are called “I Look to You” (listen to the single here). I really don’t like the single, it’s corny and drawn out.  The album would be good for any middle age pop singer, but it’s pretty mediorce for Whitney.  The one thing you cannot mistake is she just doesn’t sound the same!  I find myself thinking, since when does Whitney sound like a fake Patti LaBelle?  The best track is probably the triumphant ballad, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”.  So although she looks great, her sound is lacking.     It’s not just me either.  Other reviews are mixed too, check out NPR’s thoughts here. When the first week sales stats are released, we’ll see if Whitney’s new voice matters to her fans.

On a better note,  I was on Twitter yesterday following the the future male version of me, PR superstar, Jonathan Cheban (or Chebs as Kholoe calls him), was front row at the Whitney taping. He was just twitpicing the best pictures of Whit, so I couldn’t help myself. I’m just SO happy to see Whitney looking like her old self again! Fans of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, will recognize her right hand man, mister BJ Coleman who was there with Chebs too.




All pics via Jonathan Cheban’s Twitter. Follow Chebs on Twitter at twitter.com/jonathancheban

Follow BJ Coleman on Twitter at twitter.com/abjcoleman

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