In Your Closet: Accessories


By Manda J, Style Guru

In these tough economic times who can afford to buy new outfits without going into debt? I know I can’t… that’s why accessories are my new BFF! Accessories such as (but not limited to) necklaces, scarf’s and rings can take an eForever 21 necklacesveryday outfit to newer higher fashionable heights. Monica dressed up jeans, a tee, blazer and boots with a multi-chain necklace. This look can easily be achieved with the help of a multi chain necklace from Forever 21 for $6.80.Purchase two sets for double the flair. Kelly is making an all black liquid leggings night’fit exquisite with a simple necklace. For $12.80 and the help of Forever 21 you too can dress up an all black outfit. Bib necklaces are on the way in so get on the train!!

For those who prefer rings you can go with Keri Hilson’s turnin me on/off rings. Try Melody Ehsani rings for $48.00. You can even custom design the rings and let you fingers do the talking!
Custom Rings
Custom Rings

Last but certainly not least in the accessories world are scarves. Functional and fashionable how can you go wrong?, you can’t. Scarves aren’t just for bundling up before you go outside. They are the go to item for re inventing a new look especially at the last minute. If you are wearing all black the brighter the scarf the better. Estelle decided to dress her all black outfit up with a green scarf. While Beyonce decided to keep her LBD (Little Black Dress for the fashion illiterate) simple in a gray scarf. Scarves know no hour. Day or night, dark or bright scarves can take your outfit THERE.


Just because the economy is suffering doesn’t mean your wardrobe should too. Build up your accessories collection and create new outfits.

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