Belong in the D*mn Barrel: Rat Tail

Rat Tail


Everyone’s been talking about the 80’s and 90’s coming back in to style.  He’s You see MC Hammer pants (but this time on women), high top fades, shoulder pads, Doc Martens, designs in haircuts (for men and women).  But one thing I never expected to come back was the Rat Tail!  Wow! 

I caught this unlucky fella at Ballston Metro station.  He’s definately been growing this one since the 80’s and it’s a mess. I wonder if at night he takes the braid out and turns it into a mullet? You know business in the front, party in the back?!

What was hilarious is that I wasn’t the only sneaking pictures of him!  The sight of his Rat Tail has EVERYONE laughing behind his back.!  One girl was even bold enough to take a picture and use flash.

My fashion spies and I are everywhere and best believe we will catch you slipping! So get it right before you leave the house!

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