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Belong in D*mn Barrel- ???


By Urbansocialight

Hmmm??? There’s been much debate on exactly what we are looking at. Do you see that dent across the left side of her butt??? I think that her leggings are falling, kinda of like when a little girl puts on tights that are too little for her and they don’t go up all the way. Other people think her panties are falling and yet other people think it’s a girdle of some sort. What do yall think..are they leggings, panties or a gridle? You be the judge!

No matter what it is, it’s all sort of a mess! Who let their mama come out of the house like this anyway? Aside from the falling leggings/panties/girdle there are white Croc’s and socks, pink leggings and diagonal stripes…. It kinda makes me think about a jumbo candy cane. It’s just a mess all the way around! Whatever you do not let anyone leaving the house like this!

I’d like to thank our style spy Naomi, from New Jersey, for this one!! Thanks!!

Until next time fam, make sure step out with your best foot forward or you might find out you Belong In the Damn Barrel!

Belong in the D*mn Barrel: Rat Tail

Rat Tail


Everyone’s been talking about the 80’s and 90’s coming back in to style.  He’s You see MC Hammer pants (but this time on women), high top fades, shoulder pads, Doc Martens, designs in haircuts (for men and women).  But one thing I never expected to come back was the Rat Tail!  Wow! 

I caught this unlucky fella at Ballston Metro station.  He’s definately been growing this one since the 80’s and it’s a mess. I wonder if at night he takes the braid out and turns it into a mullet? You know business in the front, party in the back?!

What was hilarious is that I wasn’t the only sneaking pictures of him!  The sight of his Rat Tail has EVERYONE laughing behind his back.!  One girl was even bold enough to take a picture and use flash.

My fashion spies and I are everywhere and best believe we will catch you slipping! So get it right before you leave the house!

Are those…Sergio’s?

CBC, Concerts, and Celebrations 038

You Belong in the Damn Barrel

By Urbansocialight

Have you ever seen a girl at the club that just looked excited to finally be out of the house? I think that was the case with this young lady. I saw her face, the girl was pretty, but this outfit is pretty much a mess. Let’s break this down:

• Pink Floral Corset- Why you would purchase a powder pink corset and actually wear it out of the house is beyond me. But I could live with it if it wasn’t for…

• Knee Length Sergio Valente Denim Skirt- I’m not that big of a fan denim skirts in 21 and older clubs, but I wouldn’t have paid it much attention except for it was a Sergio skirt! WTF? Did I fall asleep and wake up in 1999? No? Or maybe it’s 1979! They don’t even sell Sergio’s anymore, so we know you’ve been hanging on to that skirt for years. Just let it go girl, they’re not coming back!

• Leggings- You know I’m the #1 fan of leggings but WHY with this outfit? You have on a knee length skirt. Who are you, my grandma? It’s the club, get sexy on em!

• Awkward length square toe cloth boots- No comment…it wouldn’t be nice.

Since she bought a table, perhaps she could have budgeted for a new outfit (and a new weave but that’s a different post).  Seriously, where were her girls? And why would the let their girl step out looking like she stepped out of the last millennium? Every girl in the club was going on her. Look hun, I know it may have been a while since you went out but save yourself the worry and do some research on what’s actually in style before you waste your money on a babysitter and end up as the fashion victim of the week on CNB!

You Belong in The Da*n Barrel LOL :) Trey Songz gets WACKNESS of the Week

By Urbansocialight

Today’s “Belong in the damn barrel” post is a little different. A song is getting put in the barrel. LOL :)? Is that a lyric? Music is getting completely out of hand! This bojangling coonery and buffoonery that is perpetrating itself as music belongs in a damn barrel! First of all, who decided it was smart idea to make an R&B song to the melody of a children’s song? I remember singing that song Frere Jacques in preschool. Now Trey Songz has turned an innocent childhood tune into an immature sex song. “Shorty just text me, says she want to sex me, Shorty sent a twitpic saying come and get this.”

Trey Songz was born in ’84 which makes him too old to think a song like this is acceptable. Plus, lol is so 1998. He’s not even using the good internet slang like ROTFLMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off) or GNR (Gotta N*gga Rolling) or IRNLJCTOAE2S (I’m Really Not Laughing Just Can’t Think Of Anything Else To Say). I can let Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane slide on this since neither of them have ever made a song with anything that could ever be considered profound or insightful. It’s Trey I’m concerned about. I used to be a fan, but I’m not so sure now.

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You Belong In A Damn Barrel-UnbeWeaveable!


By Urbansocialight

Weave. Women everywhere wear it. From Beyoncé to Brandy to Benita around the way. Tyra Banks wears so much weave she’s calling for September 8th to be National Real Hair Day. I too am one of the many women addicted to weaves but I try my best to keep the tracks looking sexy.  I also let my real hair breathe so no one’s surprised to see how my real hair looks. 

There’s a saying around the way, once you go track never go back…but some people need to give up it and join Tyra and try wearing your real hair. Here are some signs you need to take your weave out:
– If every fat ass cornrow is visible to the naked eye, you might need to take your weave out (peep the pic above WOW!)
– If your real sides are as bare as a baby’s bottom, you might need to take your weave out
– If you’re adding pieces to match your outfits, you might need to take your weave out
– If you’re nickname is Chewbacca, Chewie or any other variation, you might need to take your weave out
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Some Crabz Belong In the D*mn Barrel- Bra’s


By: Urbansocialight

It’s ironic that I’m doing a post on bras because as people close to me know, I’m not a big fan of them myself. But I’m minding my business getting off of the train and I see this glaring fashion crime right before my very eyes!  Having on a tank and your bra straps showing… ummm, ok.  But actually having your whole bra out? That’s just plain reckless! If you have to wear a bra with this shirt, it’s not for you! I think what made it so bad was not only that her entire bra was out but that it was a white house bra!

Now some of our male readers may not be familiar with this term “house bra”. It’s not your Very Sexy Push-Up from Vicky’s that you wear to work or out to the club, it’s your, “I’m running errands, vacuuming, dusting and shit”-bra. The bra you would NEVER let your boo see you in and she’s got it all out and about for the public to see!

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Some Crabz Belong in the D*mn Barrel!

Leggings Gone Wrong
Leggings Gone Wrong

Anyone who knows me knows I’m completely guilty of wearing leggings instead of pants.  But there are a couple of rules for this practice.  First, unless you are wearing high quality liquid leggings, your shirt should cover your butt.  Second, if for any reason your butt is not covered, it should be free from lumps and/or granny panties.  Lastly, it is never, [I repeat] NEVER acceptable to tuck your shirt into your leggings!  That’s like tucking your shirt into your tights…it’s just not a good look. Continue reading Some Crabz Belong in the D*mn Barrel!