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RatheMC’s mixtape dropped yesterday on September 6, 2009 and it was a solid effort from a talented MC from the DMV. I liked what I heard, but I didn’t like the singing on the mixtape. I felt the singing didn’t fit well with some of the songs. I think she should have kept some songs simple. Overall, if you can get past the singing it’s a pretty good mixtape that should go into your DMV music collection.

El Solo Dolo

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Mixtape – 666429801c47b920

Here are some more mixtapes you need to check out before the week is over. They all get my stamp of approval. Enjoy……………..


Mixtape – 6664355417487613


Mixtape – 66643821de605a51

(Thanks for sending over the mixtape @liznewlifee)


Mixtape – Twit-Tape.zip.html

More mixtapes will be coming later in the week. I have to listen to the rest……………..

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