Belong in D*mn Barrel- ???


By Urbansocialight

Hmmm??? There’s been much debate on exactly what we are looking at. Do you see that dent across the left side of her butt??? I think that her leggings are falling, kinda of like when a little girl puts on tights that are too little for her and they don’t go up all the way. Other people think her panties are falling and yet other people think it’s a girdle of some sort. What do yall think..are they leggings, panties or a gridle? You be the judge!

No matter what it is, it’s all sort of a mess! Who let their mama come out of the house like this anyway? Aside from the falling leggings/panties/girdle there are white Croc’s and socks, pink leggings and diagonal stripes…. It kinda makes me think about a jumbo candy cane. It’s just a mess all the way around! Whatever you do not let anyone leaving the house like this!

I’d like to thank our style spy Naomi, from New Jersey, for this one!! Thanks!!

Until next time fam, make sure step out with your best foot forward or you might find out you Belong In the Damn Barrel!

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