Mixtape Picks for the week of 11/16 thru 11/21

What’s up yall! I wanted to share a couple of mixtapes with you all, since I had chance to listen to them while I was at work working hard. Here goes Enjoy!

Marvo’s The Vobama Adminstration Presents Change Mixtape (Reps Chi Town)

Mixtape – i8su0ud65eeo

Sandman’s Heart of the City Mixtape (Reps Philly)

Mixtape – eq7y1pq8806l

Here’s a song from The Heart of the City Street Album:

Tyga’s Black Thoughts mixtape (Reps Cali)

Mixtape – wdcptp2dqabp

Will Young Money be the next Dynasty in the music industry. They have the talent to be.

Push! Montana’s No Floors Mixtape (Reps Brooklyn)

Mixtape – wixorvlv4dl9

BLCTXT’s Acknowledgement Mixtape (Reps ATL)

Mixtape – lj1vy9whixx9

Emilo Rojas The Natural Mixtape (Reps BK/ Rochester NY)

Mixtape – 7onu23vwc543

Pill’s 4075 The Refill Mixtape (Reps ATL)

Mixtape – gzwfkjlfs16c

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