By Manda J

So it’s February, and by now there’s no doubt you’ve given up on whatever New Year’s resolutions you made.  You know: lose weight, Land my dream job, Get organized blah blah blah.  But it’s never too late to make some Fashion Resolutions aka Fasholutions!

My Fasholutions for the masses in 2010:

1)    Wear clothes that fit. Improper fit has to stop. A good tailor or seamtress is well worth it. I’m short my pants rarely fit off the rack. I go get them hemmed and they fit like magic.

2)    Just because it comes in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it. Backless dress with back fat umm not hot. Ripped leggings with cottage cheese thigh ugh. Must I continue?

3)    Trendy doesn’t equal stylish, I’m sorry skinny jeans for guys can’t be good for your sperm count.

4)    If your not comfortable in it don’t wear it.  Those that are comfortable in their clothes exude and aura of confidence

5)    REMIX!!  Times are hard you can’t go out and buy a new outfit everytime you have a new social event. Accessorize. Scarves, necklaces, bracelets, rings all create the illusion of a new ‘fit.

6)    Lastly have fun with fashion. If you want to wear it then wear it with conviction!

Here are some of my personal, Manda J Fasholutions:

1)    Purchase a decent pair of sneakers. Sneakers can be stylish without appearing to be too athletic.

2)    Wear more dresses because they are feminine, and I feel sexy in them.

3)    Remember QUALITY or QUANITY 10 pair of black flat shoes from Forever 21 or one pair of Tory Burch flats. Hmm Investment purchases are worth it.

4)    Wear more fuchsia and pinks because they compliment my skin tone. 

5)    Stylish Chic for 2010, think classic meets modern.  June Ambrose is the epitome of stylish chic.

Urbansocialight made some Fasholutions of her own

1) I will not where leggings EVERYDAY (but every other day is ok, right?)

2) I actually attempt to where work clothes to work (it’s hard since we have no dress code!)

3) I will retire my cowboy boots (at least until I can have them resoled…)

4) I will take more risk and wear more than just black (which everyone must admit is always chic!)

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