Sandals In the Winter?

By Urbansocialight

You already know those sandals belong in the damn barrel!  What in the Y2K is this!  I haven’t since sandals like this in a minute! I know everyone has been trapped inside of the house because of the snow, but with that being said, why the hell would you wear an open toe sandal during the middle of the winter?  When has that ever been socially acceptable?  I don’t even know how I feel about a bare leg because it’s been so cold and plus there are a ton of cute tights out this season.

I just want to know why her friend didn’t tell her this was a HUGE, NO, NO!  Would you let your girl go out like this?  Plus homegirl was in the club partying like she hadn’t been to the club since 1977, doing the funky chicken and all that, no bull.  The whole outfit was a mess of sequin and ruffles, but judging by the sandals, I should have known that this girl was clueless about fashion.

Sam Edelman "Queenie" $199

Ladies, for the winter if you don’t want to wear a boot, you can always rock a bootie, pumps or a peep toe (with tights).  And if you feel the need for a lace up look, why not try this banging Sam Edelman bootie; the crisscross lace up detail is to die for!

Now let this be a warning to every.  My fashion spies and I are always  out there looking for the next fashion victim who Belongs In the Damn Barrel…let’s hope it’s not you!

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