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Think Pink…Think Again!

By Urbansocialight

One of my family members showed me this hot ghetto mess of a picture. And I knew she had deserved to be in the damn barrel. I’ve just got so many questions for a chick like this! Why on earth would anyone in their right mind put a full head of pink tracks in their hair?  Do you think it’s so cute that you want to get your picture taken with it in and actually show it around? How is anyone supposed to take you seriously? How are you supposed to get a job?  And on top of the tackiness of the whole situation, the tracks are just BAD! It’s stacked on top of her head like those 1992 beehive weaves, don’t you know anyone who could put in some 2010 tracks for you? This is just G-H-E-T-T-O! This is what ignorant white people think of when they think of the black girls. You are a walking stereotype.

Kitti and Nicki Think Subtle Pink

While one should not be afraid of color, please don’t go over board. For us grown ups that have jobs we’d like to keep, try a subtle hint of color in the back like Kittie from Let’s Talk About Pep or Nicki Minaj. To this poor thing: grow up, get a good weave in a natural color and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER distribute this picture in public like it’s cute. It’s not. You’ve been dumped in the barrel and the lid has been nailed shut. We never want to see this 1992 hood weave again. Until next time, be very careful about who show your pictures to, they might submit your ass to belong in the damn barrel!

Sandals In the Winter?

By Urbansocialight

You already know those sandals belong in the damn barrel!  What in the Y2K is this!  I haven’t since sandals like this in a minute! I know everyone has been trapped inside of the house because of the snow, but with that being said, why the hell would you wear an open toe sandal during the middle of the winter?  When has that ever been socially acceptable?  I don’t even know how I feel about a bare leg because it’s been so cold and plus there are a ton of cute tights out this season.

I just want to know why her friend didn’t tell her this was a HUGE, NO, NO!  Would you let your girl go out like this?  Plus homegirl was in the club partying like she hadn’t been to the club since 1977, doing the funky chicken and all that, no bull.  The whole outfit was a mess of sequin and ruffles, but judging by the sandals, I should have known that this girl was clueless about fashion.

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bunb930club flyer

Hey wassup it’s your girl ReneeWoods and I thought I would show everyone the flyer I saw that made me want to go to the 9:30 Club on Saturday, September 26. 2009.  Now, let me state the only artists on this flyer that actually performed were XO (who gave a good show and brought the rest of Diamond District out to perform) and Kingpen Slim (who also gave a good show).  Now if that ain’t some bullsh*t then I don’t know what is!

Early on Saturday through Twitter I did learn that some of the artists listed on the flyer were not performing, so I went to the 9:30 Club website and saw that Bun B, Kingpen Slim, and Phil Ade (his record label’s website also said he’d be there) were on the show so I still wanted to go. But somehow of these three only Kingpen Slim performed.  Now let me state some of the artists that performed were good but that’s not what we paid for. So, clearly this was a false flyer with some false *ss advertising! The promotion for this event sucked *ss.  Crabzinabarrel.com does not blame any of the artists we are upset with how the event was promoted.

Now honestly the entire night I just knew Bun B was about to come out but instead it was another act that wasn’t on this flyer or the 9:30 Club website.  And why the f*ck was it called the DMV South takeover?? There was no Lil Jon, Trillville, Yung Dro, Plies, T-Pain, SLim Thug, etc. etc. etc. etc. and there d*mn sure wasn’t no Bun B!  Before I finish this post I have one more question… why was Tabi Bonney’s picture next to Phil Ade’s name on the 9:30 Club website???  They don’t even look alike!  The following is a picture of that nonsense from their website.


The crabzinabarrel.com family still got a few pics of some of the artists that were there and Nonchalant was in the building ( that was pretty cool 🙂 ) peep the pics below. And oh yeah we also got some video footage (with Urbansocialight commenting in the background) of some disgruntled customers at the end of the night so peep that as well.  Update: The Washington Post, said that 9:30 Club is working on giving us two free tickets and refunds!!

Nonchalant & King Drizzy
Frayz/Midi East
2/3 of the Diamond District (X.O & Oddisee)
Kingpen Slim
Live Masterpiece by Demont "Peekaso" Pinder

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Some Crabz Belong in the D*mn Barrel!

Leggings Gone Wrong
Leggings Gone Wrong

Anyone who knows me knows I’m completely guilty of wearing leggings instead of pants.  But there are a couple of rules for this practice.  First, unless you are wearing high quality liquid leggings, your shirt should cover your butt.  Second, if for any reason your butt is not covered, it should be free from lumps and/or granny panties.  Lastly, it is never, [I repeat] NEVER acceptable to tuck your shirt into your leggings!  That’s like tucking your shirt into your tights…it’s just not a good look. Continue reading Some Crabz Belong in the D*mn Barrel!