NY Fashion Week: Milly

By Manda J

Michelle Smith designer and owner of Milly by Michelle Smith’s fall RTW 2010 line continues  to uphold her preppy Blair Waldorfesq (for my Gossip Girl fans) image. Her line is a cross between Chanel and Betsy Johnson. It’s has the sophistication of Chanel with the playfulness of Betsy Johnson. Her fall runway show was one of few that actually had models in tights. If it’s the fall I think tights should be a staple. The tights ranged from plain opaque white to green even to hot pink all the while enhancing the outfit without causing a distraction.

 There are plenty of pieces to choose from that can also be worn solo, if your not big on prints. The silhouette of the dresses are sophisticated and at the same time playful. Metallic’s were all over fashion week this year, but I love how the metallic’s are set against basic colors as well as bright colors. As a former employee of Hermes and Christian Dior I can tell that some of their classic aesthetics play apart in her design. That’s what fashion is all about. Taking an idea and adding your personal touch to it. Milly definitely accomplishes that.

One thought on “NY Fashion Week: Milly”

  1. I love this line, i never really pd attn to Milly b4 and i think i’m addicted now! The black dress on the bottom, is it! Thx for the exposure!

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