Lil Wayne: The Road to Rikers (part 1)

By Urbansocialight

Ok, so Lil Wayne is not currently an unknown talent, but I still remember seeing this little dude in the BG- Bling Bling video thinking he was little bamma, now he’s got more tracks and more bread than almost any other rapper in the game. It was self fulfilling prophecy. When Jay-Z “retired” Wayne said “I’m the best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired.” When he said it, people laughed and said he was tripping and he wasn’t sh*t  (crabzinabarrel, right?) but he worked hard and next thing you know, people started say, “Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!”

Whether you believe Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever is not is NOT the point. It’s that you have to believe in yourself because that’s all that matters!

Lil Wayne went to jail today but before he went he shot 7 music videos, got dental surgery, and hit the studio dropped hella new tracks.   He has proved that believing in your self and working hard does pay off (even if you got to do a little time).  This was the first of several videos he gave directly to MTV before he went in to let everyone know what he was up to.

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One thought on “Lil Wayne: The Road to Rikers (part 1)”

  1. Really i have read and take a look at all the musicians profile and only fine Lil Wayne the best and it is like Wayne have give me hope to who i want to be in life. i am so sad that i have he in jail now but it is o.k cause it is always part of man life after that hope he still have his dream to the best as always. i am always with him and have already sign in my life that he is my brother and really love him.i am praying that he still better untill all is finished. T.yao is my music name and is my page hope to have someone nest to Wayne on my page that my dream come true.

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