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Great Night with G.O.O.D. Music Pusha T & Cyhi Da Prynce in DC

Pusha T and Cyhi Da PrynceBy Urbansocialight

G.O.O.D. Music artists Pusha T and Cyhi Da Prynce graced the DMV with their presence for the Heineken Red Star Access Tour.  This event was an intimate evening of good hip-hop music hosted by the beautiful Adrienne Bailon (who is also sweet as pie!)  The only way to score tickets was by following @DCtoBC on Twitter who gave away 100 tickets to select individuals.  Every ticket winner was also allowed to bring a guest and was treated to delicious light fare and free Heineken all night!

The evening was fantastic and Heineken allowed guests to take as many pictures and videos as we’d like.   So here’s a video of Pusha T performing “So Appalled” “Popular Demand” and “Grindin”.

More videos of the night are after the jump!

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Janette…ikz “I Will Wait For You”

By Urbansocialight

Genetics aka Janette...ikz


Our own Manda J sent me this clip of this spoken word artist  Janette..ikz (pronounced “Genetics”).  This woman is  (as Tamar Braxton’s husband Vince would say).  Hailing from Long Beach, California Janette…ikz is a part poetess, part singer, part singer and a whole lot preacher.  Our non-religious readers are warned this poem is laced  with Biblical text but hopefully it transcends religions.  This piece is called “I Will Wait For You”.







Patti Labelle Performs At U.S. Dream Academy “Power of A Dream” Gala

Patti LaBelle 67 Birthday DC


By Urbansocialight

A few nights ago, I had the honor of working the U.S. Dream Academy “Power of a Dream” Gala.  The U.S. Dream Academy connects at-risk youth—particularly children who have a parent who is incarcerated—with mentors who help guide their academic careers. The U.S. Dream Academy was founded by noted gospel singer Wintley Phipps the program, which also helps children who are academically behind, operates in 10 cities, including D.C. and Baltimore.

Amongst the nights honoree were:  U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, Sheila C. Johnson, Robert Townsend and Dr. Delbert W. Baker.  All the honorees were extremely gracious and so down to earth.   Dr. Benjamin, in her full military dress, mingled with the crowd as did Robert Townsend, who shook the hand of everyone he passed.

Being a music journalist, the highlight of the evening for me was the outstanding music.  First, there was a performance of “This Little Light of Mine” by some of the children in the program from across the nation.  The a cappella group Committed, who won the show “The Sing Off”, gave great performances of “Sweet Home Alabama”, “September”, and one of my all-time favorite songs “Let’s Stay Together”.    One of the final performances of the night came as a duet between Wintley Phipps and the illustrious Patti LaBelle.

Patti spoke about her recent performance for Oprah and how Oprah had been such a blessing for so many people and she wanted to pass it along by sharing the evening with the U.S. Dream Academy.  Her classic version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” had everyone jumping for joy.  Having had just celebrated her 67th birthday(and looking fabulous!) Committed sang a beautiful happy birthday to her.  I was supposed to be working the event, so I only got a few minutes to actually tape her performance, but I how you enjoyed the little portion I was able to capture. Enjoy!

For more information about U.S. Dream Academy please visit

Katy On A Mission x 2

By Urbansocialight

So, I’m kind of in love with this track “Katy On A Mission” by Katy B.  It was produced by the raining Dubstep King, Benga, who creates an unexpected beat that keeps me swaying.  I tip my hat off to Katy B’s writing because unlike many dance hits, this song actually has good lyrics that any party lover can relate to. “This right I swear will end too soon”—because, seriously, no wants a live party to be over.  No wonder, it’s a #1 UK dance hit.

Now, if it couldn’t be better, our favorite Brit, Kenzie May has blessed with us by banging out piano version that takes the song to another level.   I love covers that interpret the song differently that it was originally arranged.  It’s no longer a dance track.  It’s more melodic and soulful.  I hope you all will enjoy it too!

Keep up with the girls on Twitter: Katy B @KatyBmusic |Kenzie May @kenziemayb

Greenspan on Funkadelic Freestyles

By Urbansocialight

This a Greespan’s Funkadelic Freestyles Interview.  I was in the studio Green and CJ and all the Funkadelic guys were super cool.  Shouts to the Funkadelic Freestyles crew:  Jamie, Jay Promo, Unkle Scooty, King Carter, and DJ Jerome Baker III.  Got Green 2 dropping March 17th!  Stay Tuned! Enjoy the video 🙂

Diamond District-Euro Tour

By Urbansocialight

One of my favorite hip-hop groups Diamond District (Oddisee, Y.U. and X.O.) just came off of their first (but definately not last) European tour which also featured Trek Life and DJ Quartermaine.   Oddisee (who’s also a gifted photographer) captured flix and pics of them on the road.  To celebrate their first tour, we’re posting some of the footage from the tour!

I listen to “In the Ruff” every other day, no B.S.  I even listen to the clean verison at work so as not to offend the coworkers, lol.

Please support them, because they make real hip hop music.  Download Diamond District on iTunes.

I’d love to see a collabo w/ them and an ill female rapper like Boog Brown.  That would make my life 🙂 Anywho enjoy the vids!

Monica in McQueen

By Manda J

Monica’s newest video “Everything to Me” has clothes that look like they came straight off the runway…in fact they did. In the video Monica is wearing a houndstooth shirt from the late Alexander McQueen’s RTW fall 2009 line. In that line the shirt Monica is wearing was actually a dress, tailored into a shirt and the chicness is still the same. The shoulder flower may seem like a bit much, but with her slick hair and minimal accessories the flower becomes the accessory. The different size pattern also makes a difference. The pattern is widest around her arms and smaller around her face. That helps the print to not seem overwhelming.

The red dress is also by McQueen. The dress is pretty basic, but the shoulder detail and back bustle steps it up. In this video Monica went for classy and sophistication and I think she achieved it. *RIP Alexander McQueen*

Enjoy the video!