ReneeWoods Hump Day Rant

ReneeWoods Hump Day Rant

It’s your girl ReneeWoods and before I begin this rant about nothing I would like to say Happy Hump Day to all of my crabz trying to get up out that barrel and through the rest of this beautiful week.  Now that I got all that corny ish out of the way let me just say METRO can kiss my little skinny ass. Their escalators never ever work and for someone who never works out getting up those escalator stairs is quite the challenge. I almost had a heart attack when I climbed the escalator this morning. I was so tired midway through it I contemplated just standing there for an hour so I could get my second wind back.

And who the fukk is cleaning those seats????? Is anyone cleaning those seats at all?? Now I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but those seats look like they have marinated in the garbage. I know this is not Metro’s fault but I am sick of listening to bad azz crying about nothing azz snotty nosed azz kids on my way home from work. That ish is for the birds like for real people put a muzzle on your children because people don’t want to hear that when they are coming home from work and school. Alright yall that is all I had to rant about and I hope everyone has a beautiful rest of the week:)


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