2010 Oscar Style

The 2010 Oscars came and went, but the fashion is still all the rage. I can’t rank my favorite dressed celebrity because my top selections found dresses that fit THEIR personal style. So, I’m going to tell you what I liked about each of them.

Sandra Bullock’s overall look was well put together. She looked old Hollywoodesque with a hint of drama hence the red lips. I love how the lace goes into the fabric. The color doesn’t wash out her skin tone.

Nicole Ritchie is know for being bohemian chic and her dress fell right in line with her style. Very rarely do we see someone successfully wear long sleeves on the red carpet but Ritchie has definitely changed that.

Elizabeth Banks and Demi Moore both went for strapless frilly dresses. Frilly dresses appear to be replacing ball gowns on the red carpet and I like this new change.

Queen Latifah dress had curvy girls all over taking notes. This is how a woman with curves is suppose to dress! The crystal detail was broken up in order to cut the body… in a flattering way. The crystal detail on a slant creates a deeper more accentuated curve, which in turn draws your eye down rather than horizontally.

I don’t think there was enough talk about Gabourey Sidibe’s dress and the little bit I did see wasn’t positive. I thought her dress was fitting for her. Lets keep it real. It’s hard to find formal wear for big girls and Sidibe is a big confident girl. Her dress was a nice color for her. African Americans look good in jewel tones, i.e. emerald and sapphire. Like Latifah’s dress her flower crystal detail was broken up. The off the shoulder sleeves created a sexy look while at the same time hiding her arms. While Sidibe may not be on the Oscar 2010 best dresses list her dress was perfect for her.

I love Rachel McAdams’ dress. The dress pattern looked reminiscent of a watercolor painting. The dull shades of gray and blue were broken up by splashes of yellow. Everything about her look was planned to perfection. I like McAdams with darker hair, however the blonde hair with the pale skin was the right way to go for this dress. Her earrings were eye catching. Even the button detail on the back of the dress was intriguing. Overall the red carpet lived up to its reputation, new trends and risk takers.

5 thoughts on “2010 Oscar Style”

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