Aloe Blacc

I love the HBO show How to Make It in America whose theme song is “I Need A Dollar” but I thought it was a sample from an old 60’s track I’d never heard before.  That was until my bestie ReneeWoods sent me a youtube link of  Aloe Blacc performing Sam Cooke’s song “A Change Gonna Come” which happens to be in my top 5 favorite songs of all times.  Every version I’ve ever heard, I’ve considered to be blasphemy, but this one actually got my seal of approval.  Aloe’s vintage sounding, soul rooted voice was beyond refreshing.  It was crazy to know a man in our generation was capable of making instant classics.  Since then, we’ve both been fans of Aloe Blacc’s authentic sounding classic 60’s soul music.

Now, NPR First Listen, gives us insight into Aloe Blacc’s, born Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins, upbringing and hip-hop roots.  They are also allowing the public to stream Aloe Blacc’s album Good Things until it is released September 28th.  Be sure to check it out while you still can by clicking HERE! Thanks NPR!

Don’t Miss These Tracks:  “I Need A Dollar” & “Miss Fortune”

Check out and Follow him on Twitter at @AloeBlacc

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