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Aloe Blacc

I love the HBO show How to Make It in America whose theme song is “I Need A Dollar” but I thought it was a sample from an old 60’s track I’d never heard before.  That was until my bestie ReneeWoods sent me a youtube link of  Aloe Blacc performing Sam Cooke’s song “A Change Gonna Come” which happens to be in my top 5 favorite songs of all times.  Every version I’ve ever heard, I’ve considered to be blasphemy, but this one actually got my seal of approval.  Aloe’s vintage sounding, soul rooted voice was beyond refreshing.  It was crazy to know a man in our generation was capable of making instant classics.  Since then, we’ve both been fans of Aloe Blacc’s authentic sounding classic 60’s soul music.

Now, NPR First Listen, gives us insight into Aloe Blacc’s, born Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins, upbringing and hip-hop roots.  They are also allowing the public to stream Aloe Blacc’s album Good Things until it is released September 28th.  Be sure to check it out while you still can by clicking HERE! Thanks NPR!

Don’t Miss These Tracks:  “I Need A Dollar” & “Miss Fortune”

Check out and Follow him on Twitter at @AloeBlacc

Gordo Brega- Monster

By Urbansocialight

Gordo Brega is one of ReneeWoods favorite DMV rappers!  Even before she ever heard his rap, she predicted that he was a beast! She was right, in fact he’s a MONSTER.  I am very impressed and I’m so proud of the DMV; we are on the cusp of something HUGE!  Studio 43 has done it again, this Monster of a track confirms it!  Shouts to BuBu who produced the track.  Download/Stream Gordo Brega Monster.

Diamond District-Euro Tour

By Urbansocialight

One of my favorite hip-hop groups Diamond District (Oddisee, Y.U. and X.O.) just came off of their first (but definately not last) European tour which also featured Trek Life and DJ Quartermaine.   Oddisee (who’s also a gifted photographer) captured flix and pics of them on the road.  To celebrate their first tour, we’re posting some of the footage from the tour!

I listen to “In the Ruff” every other day, no B.S.  I even listen to the clean verison at work so as not to offend the coworkers, lol.

Please support them, because they make real hip hop music.  Download Diamond District on iTunes.

I’d love to see a collabo w/ them and an ill female rapper like Boog Brown.  That would make my life 🙂 Anywho enjoy the vids!

DJ Cam Jus

By Urbansocialight

I don’t think we’ve ever done a feature on a DJ so Cam Jus will be our first.   I first met Cam outside of a Stussy event.  When we were introduced the first thing I say is “My name Kam too!”  Little did I know this unsuspecting guy would provide the soundtrack to my party life!  DJ Cam Jus is no newbie, iPod DJ (yes he still uses vinyl…shocker I know!), he’s got six years in the game.  He’s a professional that see’s the art in DJing and takes the time to mix club music, with hits, b-side tracks and oldies but goodies that you didn’t even know you missed until you hear them again. How many DJ’s can transition from Backyard, to N*E*R*D, to Reggae and it actually sound good?

I’m always in search of a good party playlist, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found it in Cam Jus’s Blast3.  I listened to part of last week and was sincerely impressed, but what set it over the edge was when I listened to the entire mix, while getting dressed to go out on Saturday night.  You know how it is, trying to pick the right outfit, trying to get your hair just right and you need something to pump you so you just don’t give up on the whole thing and get back in bed.  Blast3 got me pumped!

I was boosted when I heard the REAL Pretty Girls by Backyard Band (BYB), for the first time in ages, it took me right back to freshmen year of college.  I couldn’t help but love hearing everything from Sizzla, to Ludacris, to Gucci, to Maxwell, and Bootsy Collins, all in one mix.  Cam J us is a music lovers DJ and he’s made a fan out of me.

To listen to Blast3 click here.  Cam Jus has a regular gig at Saturday nights at Guapo’s in Tenleytown and he’s on Crate Apes Radio every Sunday from 10 pm to midnight (  Visit Cam’s sound cloud sight to hear more from him and follow him on Twitter:

Audra- I Hate College

VA Superstar & Sweet N’Sour Diva, Audra Green is back at it with her own version of the Asher Roth’s smash “I ♥ College”, called “I Hate College”.

The lyrics are hilarious, yet relatable for anyone who has been to college. Check it out.

Check for Audra this summer as she goes on tour and works with her Music for A Cause Foundation.

By Urbansocialight