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VV Brown

By Urbansocialight

Ok so I’m really late but I’m in love with Ms. VV Brown!! Born Vanessa Brown, VV Brown is a 5’11” statuesque beauty, who can actually sing! Just like Adele, Estelle, and Joss Stone before her, Brown hails from across the pond. But her roots are somewhat closer to our shores; she’s the eldest of 6 kids born to a Jamaican mother and a Puerto Rican father.

VV Brown music sounds like DIY, hippie, retro soul pop music that isn’t dumbed down for the masses. It’s fun with selling out and crossing over into coonery. Her album, Travelling Like the Light, was released in July of 2009 and peaked at 179 on the US Charts. So needless to say, not everyone has caught on to her musical styling. But if she keeps making music that even conscious people can have fun she won’t have any problem making it big. If you doesn’t make it singing, she could surely live off her looks. VV is currently signed to Next Model Management and has been featured in both Teen Vogue and Vogue.

VV will make her US television debut tonight (or tomorrow morning) on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live at 12:o6 am (EST)!  

I’m posting the acoustic version of her singing her single, Shark In the Water and a cover of the Kings of Leon smash hit, Use Somebody. Enjoy!!

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