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BET Awards equal Epic Fail All Every Time

By @Urbansocialight

I was really upset at the BET Awards because, per usual, I had some hope of them having some semblance of a reputable award show, yet again I was completely let down. I have to applaud Kevin Hart for trying to be a good host, he started off strong and the skits were very funny.  Indeed , there were also great performances from many artists including Mary J. Blige & Anita Baker,  Jill Scott, Cee-Lo & Marcia Ambrosius, Alicia Keys & Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Mary Mary and Patti LaBelle who also received the Lifetime Achievement award.  But the stand out performance came from Kelly Rowland, who shut haters up with a sexy performance, where she proved a woman can sing without being half naked (*gasps*).  Her vocals were SO on point!

Let’s just highlight the pitfalls: poor sound, too many repeat performers, the HORRIBLE Fan Fav mix-up, Kevin Hart missing for an hour, Debra Lee’s outfit, Shirley Caesar’s outfit, the cursing censor being asleep on the job, in summary, to quote our Twitter page: “Technical difficulties is an understatement”.  The gospel and Lifetime Achievement performances can’t be the only saving graces EVERY YEAR! That’s why they do the Stellar’s and the Celebration of Gospel and a thousand other positive award shows (Shout out to the CMT Awards).  I think that this will be the last year I’m participating in this coonery that like’s to pose as an award show.

That being said, I was extremely upset at the Reuter’s headline, “Stars with criminal pasts honored at BET Awards”.  Are you bloody kidding me? Our entire society glorifies criminals and drug addicts (i.e. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, “Celebrity Rehab”, etc.)  Equally as many rock stars have been arrested as rappers.  Hell, Steven Tyler (whom I love BTW) has been arrested and no one wrote an article “Drug Addict and criminal Steven Tyler to be the new Idol judge”.  The title alone is racially charged dribble and Reuters’ should be ashamed.  If you are into hogwash read here.

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VV Brown

By Urbansocialight

Ok so I’m really late but I’m in love with Ms. VV Brown!! Born Vanessa Brown, VV Brown is a 5’11” statuesque beauty, who can actually sing! Just like Adele, Estelle, and Joss Stone before her, Brown hails from across the pond. But her roots are somewhat closer to our shores; she’s the eldest of 6 kids born to a Jamaican mother and a Puerto Rican father.

VV Brown music sounds like DIY, hippie, retro soul pop music that isn’t dumbed down for the masses. It’s fun with selling out and crossing over into coonery. Her album, Travelling Like the Light, was released in July of 2009 and peaked at 179 on the US Charts. So needless to say, not everyone has caught on to her musical styling. But if she keeps making music that even conscious people can have fun she won’t have any problem making it big. If you doesn’t make it singing, she could surely live off her looks. VV is currently signed to Next Model Management and has been featured in both Teen Vogue and Vogue.

VV will make her US television debut tonight (or tomorrow morning) on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live at 12:o6 am (EST)!  

I’m posting the acoustic version of her singing her single, Shark In the Water and a cover of the Kings of Leon smash hit, Use Somebody. Enjoy!!

Connect with VV Brown:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/VVBrownTV

Blog: vvbrown.blogspot.com



Gaga Over Gaga

By Manda J

Lady Gaga or Gaga as she likes to be called (as told to Oprah) is known for her out of the box costumes and videos. In an industry full of replicas Gaga is the breath of fresh air that we all need. She brings originality to the table and does things that make you scratch your head and wonder “Is she out of her mind?” There is a method to her madness and we just can’t comprehend it, we barely appreciate it. A recent interview she did with Oprah shed some light on her costume choices.

She had this to say about the red outfit she wore to the VMA’s: “That’s Alexander McQueen, and I added the hat to it. It’s the oldest archive in the McQueen Collection. It was meant to be a continuation of the VMA performance. So after … the princess had been murdered by the paparazzi, the red lace was meant to symbolize sort of my eternal martyrdom.

Like Gaga I don’t like to wear fur. She chooses to express herself by wearing a Kermit the Frog outfit. She said that fur look like a bunch of dead Muppets. While I won’t go that far I do agree.When meeting the queen most people would go with a conservative traditional skirt or dress. Well, Gaga isn’t most people. She decided to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II by wearing a dress inspired by Queen Elizabeth I and the Elizabethean era.

I’ve noticed a strong comparasion between Alexander McQueens style and Gaga’s. In October 2009 McQueen Paris Fashion week Spring/Summer 2010 finale song was non other then Gaga’s Bad Romance. Later when Gaga went to film the actual video she chose to use some of McQueens Spring/Summer 2010 items. The armadillo heels, the beaded turtle neck and the dragon heels are among some of the outfits she choose. To be honest if she didn’t use them we wouldn’t seen them anywehere else but the runway. I love Gaga. Her music and style are so different. I look forward to everything she has in store for us fashion and music wise.

You Belong in The Da*n Barrel LOL :) Trey Songz gets WACKNESS of the Week

By Urbansocialight

Today’s “Belong in the damn barrel” post is a little different. A song is getting put in the barrel. LOL :)? Is that a lyric? Music is getting completely out of hand! This bojangling coonery and buffoonery that is perpetrating itself as music belongs in a damn barrel! First of all, who decided it was smart idea to make an R&B song to the melody of a children’s song? I remember singing that song Frere Jacques in preschool. Now Trey Songz has turned an innocent childhood tune into an immature sex song. “Shorty just text me, says she want to sex me, Shorty sent a twitpic saying come and get this.”

Trey Songz was born in ’84 which makes him too old to think a song like this is acceptable. Plus, lol is so 1998. He’s not even using the good internet slang like ROTFLMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off) or GNR (Gotta N*gga Rolling) or IRNLJCTOAE2S (I’m Really Not Laughing Just Can’t Think Of Anything Else To Say). I can let Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane slide on this since neither of them have ever made a song with anything that could ever be considered profound or insightful. It’s Trey I’m concerned about. I used to be a fan, but I’m not so sure now.

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