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OJ Da Juiceman XXL Freshman ’10 Freestyle

By TheRealness

So once again XXL is releasing their annual freshman class.  This year includes some crabzinabarrel.com favorites like Pill, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and J. Cole to name a few.  But the freshman that has everyone buzzing is OJ Da Juiceman.  He is about to kill the game this year (literally).   Check out his hot freestyle for the freshman 2010 promo that will have you nodding your head (or slitting your wrist).

As you can see Da Juiceman is bout to set the game on fire (Hip Hop is dead so might as well cremate it right?).  Crabzinabarrel.com was lucky enough to run into Da Juiceman and he blessed us with this hot new freestyle.   This right here is a crabzinabarrel exclusive you won’t find this anywhere else but here (unfortunately we can’t say the same about OJ Da Juiceman).

Much props to OJ Da Juiceman for reminding us why we started this blog.