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Oscar Recap

By Urbansocialight

The Oscars are notoriously boring.   But this year wasn’t so bad.  I loved the banter between Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, they were just going on people (which George Clooney didn’t seem in the mood for).  It was a big night for the DMV, with Mo’Nique being from Bmore and Sandra Bullock being from Arlington. Plus the street dancing at the end was hot!  I’m no movie blogger but I do love movies.  I watched 8/10 best picture movies and many of the other nominated including the documentaries.

There were no real surprises and I think all the wins fell exactly where they should have, except I think the Oscar for Documentary Feature should have gone to Which Way Home, which was one the best movies I’ve ever seen in my LIFE and not The Cove.

For some reason people who saw Avatar (but probably didn’t see anything else) expected them to sweep. Ummmm, nothing about the movie was extraordinary extra the visuals.  It was something beautiful to look at, but it was the same old love story of Pocahontas, Dancing with Wolves, hell Save the Last Dance.  Any movie where a new comer is introduced to a society, tries to adapt, and then fights back against how they were raised.  It won the awards it was supposed to get for Art Direction, Cinematography and Visual Effects.

Ok I liked Precious.  It was well written and well acted but I think it got the two awards it deserved.  But people acted like it was a conspiracy because they didn’t win everything. Mo’Nique was easily the Best Supporting Actress, but her speech wasn’t relevant and she thanked her husband and BET instead of the director Lee Daniels.   Samuel L. Jackson is getting slack for giving Mo’Nique the side eye after her wack ass speech…but we got your back SLJ! The writing was awesome so Best Writing for an Adapted Screenplay Geoffrey Fletcher deserved that.  Picture of the Year, it was not.  Best Actress…Gabby did good but my personal favorite was Carey Mulligan for An Education, but Sandra winning was ok too.   Don’t try to take my black card!

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