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CKF Video Release Party

By Urbansocialight

The fam hit up the CKF Films Release event which went down at the U St. corridor hot spot Policy.  The red carpet was on fire with some appearances from some the DMV’s hottest artists including Tre of UCB, Fattrel, Phil Ade, RatheMC , Gordo Brega and Uptown X.O. The party was on CP time and was supposed to begin at 8pm but when we arrived at 9:30pm not many people were there.  Since we’ve all still got day jobs, we could only stick around until 11:30pm and videos had not been shown yet.  We’re sure they were great.  Shouts to Backie for the personal invite.

Uptown X.O
Tre of UCB
The 368 Fam: Dre the Mayor & Phil Ade

Gordo Brega and Crew
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RAtheMC– Heart of a Champion

By Urbansocialight

Fresh off the plane from the Motherland, I made my way to the listening party for our girl RAtheMC and her new LP “Heart of a Champion”.  I have to say I’m in love with the new project.  RA is now down with the Studio 43 movement and it seems like a match made in hip-hop heaven.  Her slick rhymes over AB the PRO beats are magic!  Not only does she give us the hard hitting verses of hip-hop veteran but she sings like a hummingbird in spring.   Before the end of the night I knew all the words to chorus of “One Shot”.   It’s sort of addictive.

Heart of a Champion” just dropped Tuesday on and has already garnished features on and ABC 7’s website. Not to mention RA had the honor of performing with the legend Nas on Sunday night.  The CNB fam has been following her for a long time and is really proud to see her come so far!

Be sure to download the mixtape and support RAtheMC!  Follow her on Twitter @RAtheMC and #HeartofaChampion!!

Pics of RAtheMC, El Solo Dolo and I at the party after the jump 🙂

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Saturday, April 17, 2010 the family  was at the Historical Society of Washington DC for the pre-viewing of the DMV documentary “Bridging The Gap” a documentary on the history of DC hip hop presented by Judah (@JUDAHontheBEAT), Sophia Nelson (@TheHistorianDMV), and Dre (@dre_abb_video).

Although the screening was just 20 or so minutes long we definitely liked what we saw.  The documentary did a great job of capturing the view points of some of the founders of the DC hip hop scene, spotlighting the achievements of artists like Black Indian, Section 8 Mob and  Stinky Dink.   They didn’t only focus on the past but incorporated the opinions of newer artists like X.O. and Luegar.  Some noticeable attendees at the event were rappers WhiteFolkz and Dana Renee.

After the film there was a 30 minute Q & A session in which Judah, Sophia, and Dre  answered questions about the film and DC hip hop in general.  This event was only a preview and not the finished product so we are looking forward to seeing the final cut.   When it is done you can expect to hear about it here first on Check out more pics and video from the question and answer session when you read the rest of the entry!!!

The Realness.


Oscar Recap

By Urbansocialight

The Oscars are notoriously boring.   But this year wasn’t so bad.  I loved the banter between Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, they were just going on people (which George Clooney didn’t seem in the mood for).  It was a big night for the DMV, with Mo’Nique being from Bmore and Sandra Bullock being from Arlington. Plus the street dancing at the end was hot!  I’m no movie blogger but I do love movies.  I watched 8/10 best picture movies and many of the other nominated including the documentaries.

There were no real surprises and I think all the wins fell exactly where they should have, except I think the Oscar for Documentary Feature should have gone to Which Way Home, which was one the best movies I’ve ever seen in my LIFE and not The Cove.

For some reason people who saw Avatar (but probably didn’t see anything else) expected them to sweep. Ummmm, nothing about the movie was extraordinary extra the visuals.  It was something beautiful to look at, but it was the same old love story of Pocahontas, Dancing with Wolves, hell Save the Last Dance.  Any movie where a new comer is introduced to a society, tries to adapt, and then fights back against how they were raised.  It won the awards it was supposed to get for Art Direction, Cinematography and Visual Effects.

Ok I liked Precious.  It was well written and well acted but I think it got the two awards it deserved.  But people acted like it was a conspiracy because they didn’t win everything. Mo’Nique was easily the Best Supporting Actress, but her speech wasn’t relevant and she thanked her husband and BET instead of the director Lee Daniels.   Samuel L. Jackson is getting slack for giving Mo’Nique the side eye after her wack ass speech…but we got your back SLJ! The writing was awesome so Best Writing for an Adapted Screenplay Geoffrey Fletcher deserved that.  Picture of the Year, it was not.  Best Actress…Gabby did good but my personal favorite was Carey Mulligan for An Education, but Sandra winning was ok too.   Don’t try to take my black card!

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Diamond District-Euro Tour

By Urbansocialight

One of my favorite hip-hop groups Diamond District (Oddisee, Y.U. and X.O.) just came off of their first (but definately not last) European tour which also featured Trek Life and DJ Quartermaine.   Oddisee (who’s also a gifted photographer) captured flix and pics of them on the road.  To celebrate their first tour, we’re posting some of the footage from the tour!

I listen to “In the Ruff” every other day, no B.S.  I even listen to the clean verison at work so as not to offend the coworkers, lol.

Please support them, because they make real hip hop music.  Download Diamond District on iTunes.

I’d love to see a collabo w/ them and an ill female rapper like Boog Brown.  That would make my life 🙂 Anywho enjoy the vids!

Fall in Love with Marc

By Manda J

How can you not love Marc Jacobs?   Not only does he design his own lines, he is also the creative director for Louis Vuitton. Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 RTW line is a mix of subtly with splashes of bright patterns, well, they’re bright for fall.

Naturally, in the fall you have to wear a coat. Why not make it stylish? Light weight trenches are the “it” thing for the spring and you can pick them right back up in the fall. Marc by Marc Jacobs line has coats ranging from belted trenches to nice draped coats that’s swallows you but still gives you a shape. Harem pants are being taken down a notch. In Marc Jacobs rendition of the harem pant he made it more structured. Not the usual cotton jersey/spandex fabric we are used too.

The dresses are so sophisticatedly basic they can transcend seasons without seeming out of style. The ever popular zipper detail is present and accounted for ( check out my previous post on zippers) as well as belts. In all of his looks the waist is cinched. Please remember an undefined waist is a fashion faux pas.

NY Fashion Week Keeps it Posh

By Manda J

New York Fashion week has begun! After looking at various designer’s lines via New York Magazine’s Fashion Show (click here to visit).  I certain lines have me lusting for certain garments. One such line is Victoria Beckham’s line. Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice is my favorite Spice Girl.  This is VB’s fourth season designing and she seems to have found her niche. 

Her RTW Fall 2010 dresses are very stylish chic with a twist of sass thrown in. We are so used to see the classic Grecian form of draping, but this style of draping border line absurd amount of excess fabric…but it works. An extra yard here and you have a new look. She chose to use colors ranging from black to sapphire. These don’t seem like typical fall colors, but I am happy that someone has broken up the monotony of the usual burnt orange and red.  Here are some of my favorite looks. I can see Michelle O is quite a few of these dresses with her standard cinched waist.

Black Family Reunion 2009 on the National Mall

Charlie Wilson 8

Wassup world!!!!!!!!!!! It’s your girl ReneeWoods and I had a great time at the 2009 Black Family Reunion on the National Mall on Saturday, September 12, 2009 . The two performers I saw after arriving around 6ish were Letoya Luckett and first name Charlie last name Wilson lol . Now let me just say before Letoya and Latavia left Destiny’s Child Letoya was my favorite member of the group so I was ecstatic like a mofo when I just realized I had walked onto a FREE Letoya Luckett performance. Sidenote: Peep the video below of her singing. Her show was decent and she sounded good but the real star of the night was of course first name Charlie last name Wilson aka Uncle Charlie.  Now when I tell you there was a partaaaaaaaaaaay on the mall when Mr. Wilson performed I am being for real. Me and my friends started hitting a two step like we were the three heartbeats out there on that mall.  We were jumping up and down like it was nobody’s business and singing the words to the songs  Charlie Wilson was singing  like we wrote them. Charlie Wilson’s performance was GREAT and if he is ever supposed to perform at a venue near you please go check him out. Sidenote: Peep the video of Charlie Wilson’s performance above. Alright world ReneeWoods is about to take a nap and get ready for this long week ahead but have a great week everyone :).


Show Recap: Santigold at 9:30 Club

Ms. Santi White aka Santigold
Ms. Santi White aka Santigold

Concert Review + Photos by Urbansocialight

Santigold (formerly Santogold because one of those corny ass “sell me your old gold” companies was threatening to sue her), sold out her DC show at the 9:30 Club within the first two days. They went on sale on a Wednesday and when I thought to buy my ticket it was Friday and it was already sold out. Being a huge fan from day one, I was totally boosted when I scored a last minute ticket Tuesday night off of craigslist.

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Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Wale+ Tabi Bonney+ X.O. and More- Rock the Vote @ 9:30 Club

Recap by Renee Woods


Wale + Tre of UCB
Wale + Tre of UCB


As we headed to the 9:30 Club for the Wale show Wednesday night, my chief concern was parking. It ended up not even being an issue; it only took me two minutes to find a spot but like ten minutes to actually park. Hey I’m a MD driver; my parallel parking ain’t the best. Walking to the club, UrbanSocialight and I met a cool white guy headed to the show too, so we ended up chatting it up with him. Headed toward the will call line, we spotted another CNB member Mark. Unlike the Bmore show last week, we actually had to stand in line since we didn’t have the hook up (shoutout to Jamar, thanks homie!).

We picked up our tickets but since we’re always “fashionably late” we missed Wordsmith and Phil Ade, who I heard were both hot, so please myspace them. Side Note: It’s worth mentioning that 9:30 Club events start and end on time.

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